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How do most players get introduced to the game of golf? Typically, you try it with some friends at a driving range or maybe spend a couple hours at a TopGolf or Drive Shack. This is a great way to get the ball rolling, but many beginners fall into the trap of only practicing with their longer clubs and forgetting about the short game.

As you are learning how to play, developing the ability to score around the greens will make golf much more enjoyable and help you improve quickly. The most important part being your putting. Yes, you need to practice your stroke, but the equipment you use is also important.

As one of the most important golf clubs in your bag, we are here to help you answer the question, what is the best putter for a beginner?

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Best Putter for Beginner Golfer

  1. Odyssey Triple Track 2-ball
  2. Ray Cook Golf- Blue Goose BG40 2.0 Putter
  3. TaylorMade TP Red Collection Chaska
  4. SeeMore BLACK SI2
  5. Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Double Wide Arm Lock Putter
  6. Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter
  7. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft 12 Putter
  8. TaylorMade Spider X Golf Putter (Copper)
  9. Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter M5
  10. S7K Standing Best Putter for Improving Alignment

If you are new to game, you might use a putter that a friend gave you or that came with your set, but is that club holding you back? There is more technology in a putter than you might think, so it might be worth the investment to upgrade to a new putter.

We have reviewed 10 putters below in search for the best putters for beginners.

1. Odyssey Triple Track 2-ball

Odyssey Golf Triple Track Putter (Right Hand 34' 2 Ball Oversize Grip)

The “triple track” line of putters was released in 2020 and is a forgiving putter designed to help you improve your alignment. If you want, you can even use Callaway golf balls to perfectly line them up with your putter.

The first putter on this detailed list of the best putters for beginners is a two-ball putter with a face balanced design that has been successful for both amateurs and professionals for years. Although, this version includes several new bells and whistles. The multi-material shaft (half graphite, half steel) helps improve the temp and consistency of your stroke.

The new Microhenge Star face insert creates a firm feel off the face and a pleasant sound when you strike the ball. The putter is available in both right-handed and left- handed models and can be purchased in 33”, 34”, or 35” length.

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  • Great golf club – Odyssey has been making high quality putters for decades – when it comes to the best putters for beginners, this is a brand you can trust
  • Tour proven – professional golfers love Odyssey putters – since 2010, players using their putters have won 107 PGA tour events
  • Alignment – the 2-ball design was revolutionary when it came out for helping players with their alignment – adding the “Triple Track” makes this putter the easiest club to setup online
  • Shaft – the multi-material shaft is a cool feature – it helps the player release the putter through impact
Cross - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Pricey – this is a premium putter that was recently released to the golf marketplace – it comes with a premium price
  • Alignment overkill? – if you try to use the Callaway balls with the 3 lines and perfectly line them up to the “Triple Track” on your putter, it can be tedious. Recommend the putter, but do not go overboard with trying to line up the ball perfectly
Odyssey Golf Triple Track Putter (Right Hand 34" 2 Ball Oversize Grip)
  • Odyssey Triple Track Putters combine an impressive grouping of premium technologies for exceptional alignment, consistency, and performance.

2. Ray Cook Golf- Blue Goose BG40 2.0 Putter

Ray Cook Golf Blue Goose 2.0 BG40 Putter 34'

The Ray Cook Golf Blue Goose 2.0 putter is a classic design with new technology. It has the popular “plumber’s neck” hosel design, with the full shaft offset. It is built with precise weighting in the toe and heel to help you keep the face stable through impact. A double milled face provides an excellent feel and control.

The best putters for beginners are usually the most eye-catching ones, and as you could probably guess from the name, it has a unique blue color that will make you stand out on the green.

It comes with a midsize tour grip, a headcover, and you decide between 34” and 35” in length.

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  • Weight – putter has a little extra weight – can help any golfer who struggles to be aggressive when putting
  • Price – very economically priced, compared to other putters on our list – if you are looking for a lower cost, the Blue Goose is a good option
  • Cool Color – the blue stainless finish is unique and will look good in your bag
  • Midsize Grip – many beginners struggle with getting too “wristy” when they putt – the larger grip will help you take your wrist out of your stroke
Cross - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Not Tour Proven – Ray Cook putters were very popular in the professional ranks at one time, but have now moved to providing low-cost options – you will not see this putter on TV on Sunday afternoons
  • Not the Newest Tech – if you are looking for the latest putter technology available, this is not the one for you

3. TaylorMade TP Red Collection Chaska

TaylorMade Golf Tour Preferred Red Collection Chaska #7 Super Stroke 35 IN Putter, Right Hand

For the last decade TaylorMade has been producing the most popular mallet putters on the market and the TP Red Collection Chaska is no exception. Its rounded contours and three forward sightlines provide this putter with excellent stability and simple alignment features.

It has the very cool Tour Red finish and comes with the “Pure Roll” insert. This insert has been very heavily used on the PGA tour and produces over spin and a true roll every time you hit a putt. Your ball will start and stay on your intended line.

This putter is with a Pistol Super Stroke grip, a headcover, and you can choose between 34” and 35” in length.

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  • TaylorMade has proven over the last 15 years that they make high end putters that can help everyone from a beginner to a tour professional
  • Easy to hit your line – alignment features are great
  • Pure Roll insert – a truly awesome feeling face – the ball comes off this putter with great over spin and a true roll
  • Red Finish – the color is eye-catching – love the contrast against a white golf ball, with the white alignment features
Cross - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Price – this is a premium putter that has been out for a couple years – you can find it discounted, but still will not be cheap
  • Large Shape – this is a fairly large head for a mallet – if you prefer a blade style, will need to go with a different option
TaylorMade Golf Tour Preferred Red Collection Chaska #7 Super Stroke 35 IN Putter, Right Hand
  • Milled 304 stainless steel heads with Tour Red finish for a premium look and feel with high contrast coloring for improved alignment; classic milling to create consistent Radius and shape

4. SeeMore BLACK SI2

New SeeMore Black Si2 W/Aluminum Insert Putter 34' RH

SeeMore is an interesting brand of putter – every model has a built-in trainer to help you get the ball out with your hands in the correct location prior to hitting your putt. The head has a red dot and when you address your ball, you should not see this red dot – if you do, your hands are out of position and your alignment needs to be adjusted. A cool concept. SeeMore refers to this as RST (Rifle Scope Technology).

The Black S12 from SeeMore is a center-shafted blade style putter with an aluminum insert that provides you with exceptional feel and improved roll of the ball. You have more flexibility with the design of this putter. You can choose type of shaft, length from 30” to 39”, lie of putter, 1 of 12 different headcovers, grip, and even additional weights. You can truly “fit yourself” with the Black S12.

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  • Alignment / Hand Position – RST (Rifle Scope Technology) is a unique offering for a putter – nice and simple, if you see red, adjust your position and alignment
  • Putter Shape – we call this a center-shafted blade, but the shaft comes in a little towards the heel of the head. It is a simple putter best known for its well-balanced shape
  • Options – the ability to make so many choices means you are building a putter just for you – will take some research to determine what you want
  • Look – a nice looking putter – we love the black powder coat finish – looks great and no glare from the sun
Cross - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Not Cheap – with all of these features and choices, you should expect a higher price
  • Center-shaft blade is an unusual design – may take some getting used to if you have only used heel-shafted blades in the past

5. Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Double Wide Arm Lock Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter (Right Hand, 40', Double Wide, Arm Lock)

Have you tried several different putters and continue to struggle? Did you use a belly-putter, but since it was deemed illegal by the USGA you have been searching? Armlock putting might the answer. Armlock putters are longer and you rest them against your left forearm – truly removes the wrist from your stroke and helps you to achieve optimal stability.

The Stroke Lab Black Double Wide by Odyssey is a face-balanced wide blade that has an elongated shaft so it can rest against your arm. The shaft is multi-material (graphite & steel) which allows for the club head to release through the ball better. It also comes with Odyssey’s new Microhenge Star Insert that has a solid feel and promotes additional over spin. 

You can purchase this beginner putter in lengths of 39” to 43” and it comes with a headcover.

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  • Great alternative to a belly-putter – using an armlock putter will force you to “rock your shoulders”
  • Stroke Lab Shaft – you would not think it would make a big difference, but the multi-material shaft does make it easier for the putter to flow through the stroke
  • Trusted Brand – Odyssey makes great putters – this is a well-designed, high quality club
  • Smooth roll – the combination of the insert and the wide blade design leads a true roll every time
Cross - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • This is an investment in your putting – an expensive club
  • You will need to be patient – armlock putting is an entirely new way to roll the ball, so it will require practice before you are comfortable
Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter (Right Hand, 40", Double Wide, Arm Lock)
  • Stroke Lab Black is engineered with one simple goal: to help golfers make more putts.

6. Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (Men's Right Hand)

The PGX putter by PineMeadow is a heel shafted putter with a mallet head. The engineers added 40 grams of additional weight to help you make an aggressive stroke. It has a white finish and multiple alignment features on the top that make it easy to hit your putts on the desired line.

The standard length of this putter is 34” and it does come with a PGX headcover.

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  • Best cheap putter – this is a discount putter – made for the player that wants to try something new for a “what do you have to lose” price
  • Easy to Align – the combination of the white finish and the black alignment features give you confidence at address
  • Additional Weight – putter feels heavier than most – promotes a straight back and straight through stroke
  • Did we mention the Price? – Truly a fraction of the cost compared to other putters on our list
Cross - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Not a Name Brand – you will not see the PGX on the Professional Golf tours anytime soon
  • You get what you pay for – there is nothing wrong with this putter – you can make putts, but it does not have the same high-quality feel as other options on our list

7. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft 12 Putter

Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #11

The Huntington Beach Soft 12 putter is a heel shafted, large mallet putter. It has Cleveland’s proprietary Speed Optimized Face Technology, which creates consistent ball speed across the entire face. This means that off-center putts go the same distance as ones you hit on the sweet spot. The seventh putter on this esteemed list of the best putters for beginners also features a diamond CNC milling pattern on the face, with promotes a truer roll.

This putter is made with soft 304 stainless steel, giving you an amazing feel and touch on the greens. The Huntington Beach is face-balanced, and you can purchase in 33”, 34”, or 35” in length. It comes with a headcover and a standard size Cleveland golf grip.

tick - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Great Feel – “soft” is in the name and Cleveland delivers that soft feel to a tee – putter feels awesome
  • Protects the Beginner – the Speed Optimized Face Technology means you can hit a “bad putt”, but it still travels the correct distance – can be a huge stroke saver
  • Price – reasonably priced for a “name brand” putter – a great deal for the technology you get
  • Nice Looking Club – the silver finish of the putter with black alignment features and some blue on the sole – sleek looking club
Cross - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Large Mallet Putter – some players love this style, but some may see it as too bulky
  • Could it be Too Soft?  – if you like a firm strike when you putt the ball, this putter may actually feel too soft for you

8. TaylorMade Spider X Golf Putter (Copper)

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter, Copper, #3 Hosel, Right Hand, 34'

The TaylorMade golf brand recently released this newly designed super-premium club known as the Taylormade Spider X Putter. This unique mallet putter is among the best putter for beginners and professionals in some circles, and for good reason too. This design is unveiled as TaylorMade celebrates its 10 years in the industry, churning out series of sleek and amazing golf putters and has been the most preferred choice for professionals.

The Taylormade Spider X putter has been optically engineered and designed to help you achieve stability and improved accuracy when you swing. It also has true path alignment systems that enable golfers to focus and properly align the ball to the hole. This is incredibly good, especially for beginners and high handicappers who would need such detailed alignment.

It has more weight at the back of the putter to help with improved control, a smaller head, and comes in a copper fit, sleekly designed putter face, and a high moment of inertia clubhead. The Spider X comes in a 34-inch steel shaft material and is right hand oriented. With a Super Stroke grip to enhance accuracy and control on swings, this golf putter by TaylorMade most certainly outdid itself.

The Taylormade Spider putter face also has an improved pure roll insert that guarantees better sound and feels on impact with the golf ball and better grooves to help the ball stay on the intended path when struck.

If you are a beginner or high handicapper looking for a putter that can guarantee better forgiveness and accuracy on your shots, make sure you add this putter to your golf bag.

tick - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • High MOI – the Spider X has a high MOI that makes for increased forgiveness on swings
  • Accuracy – its Y-shaped white alignment stripe helps to highlight the path of the golf ball when hit and improve accuracy on putts
  • Alignment – the X Philosophy true path alignment provides better alignments and guarantees lots of putts
  • Sound and Feel – it has an improved sound and feel, and better stability with the new 5mm pure roll white Surlyn
  • Balance – enhanced balance of the putter allows for long-range putts precision
  • Sweet spot – possesses a wider and more forgiving sweet spot
  • Adjustability – it has easily adjustable weight ports
  • Putter shape – designed with a high moment of inertia shape to allow more accurate short-range putts
Cross - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Pricey –  quite expensive for a putter, especially for beginners and high handicappers
  • Too many modifications – it appears that the Spider head may be too busy with a lot of modifications
  • Soft insert – the groove insert is too soft for some golfers
  • Paint – the paint sometimes comes off
  • Large head – the head may be too large for some golfers
TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter, Copper, #3 Hosel, Right Hand, 34"
  • The X Philosophy: Spider X revolutionizes the way we achieve optimal stability and alignment by reengineering the mass properties of the head and introducing a new optically engineered True Path...

9. Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter M5

Wilson Harmonized M5 Golf Putter - Men's, Right Hand, 34'

If you want to increase your performance on the green and be a more confident golfer, this putter is worth your while. It certainly has a shout for one of, if not the best putter for beginners and professionals alike.

The Wilson Harmonized M5 putter has a better sound and feel and provides increased accuracy on and around the green. This Wilson newly designed putter with modified features appears to be one of the best putters for beginners because of its improved feel. It offers improved alignment, better control, and more forgiveness on hits.

This mallet-style putter is 35 inches long and available in right-hand. It has a shiny stainless steel shaft, which gives it a unique and modern look. The putter head is horizontally aligned so you can have improved vision of your set up in order to ensure accuracy, while the micro-injection polymer face insert has been designed to make better contact with the golf ball.

This is one of the best putters for beginners in the market right now, and it is especially awesome because it is quite affordable, has a uniquely soft feel grip, and easy alignment features. It also has a vertical seam grip to enhance performance and make shots forgiving.

It is also great for professionals. Wilson golf putters are popular among professionals and top-level golfers, with a history of putting many to victories in their golfing careers.

tick - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Grip – it is fitted with a vertical seam grip with a larger diameter for improved feel and comfort
  • Relatively affordable – it is quite affordable, that’s good news especially for beginners
  • Hosel design – it is a plumber hosel designed putter
  • Better face insert – the micro-injection putter face insert improves contact with a golf ball
  • Weighting – toe/heel weighting enables you to maximize MOI
  • Alignment – the horizontal lines on the putter heads make for easy alignment
  • Balance – it is very easy to swing, and it has great balance
Cross - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • No headcover – it does not come with a headcover
  • Unavailable for left-handers – this putter is only made for right-handed golfers for now
  • Soft grip – the soft grip may not be really liked, especially by professionals who still prefer standard grips
  • Face insert – the inserts do not give enough bounce off
  • Sharp edge – the M5 has sharp edges that could damage other clubs in the golf bag

10. S7K Standing Best Putter for Improving Alignment

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for...

The S7K putter has a unique stand-alone design that has endeared it to golfers worldwide. This well-known feature allows the putter to stand on its own behind the golf ball, even on slopes, while you walk around to make sure it’s perfectly positioned how you want it before hitting the golf ball. It makes putts easier and guarantees alignment.

And yes, it is totally legal and can be used in tournaments. Though you may not see many professionals use it just yet, it is legal and does not breach any golfing rules.

As one of, if not the best putter for beginners, this piece comes in 34.5 inches design, graphite shaft, inherent feel and sound, and an EVA foam grip to make sure you feel confident and balanced when taking shots. It is also available for both left-handed and right-handed players.

The S7K golf putter has the looks of a blade putter but weighs and feels like a mallet. You don’t have to worry about the accuracy of putts after setting up. Once aligned, the built-in impact position setup helps you take a perfect stroke without having to adjust the shaft angle. This feature, along with its extreme moment of inertia, allows you to achieve accuracy in your putts, and finding the sweet spot couldn’t be easier. It also enhances the speed and controls the distance on strokes, and the feel and sound are great at impact with the golf ball.

This putter also has an ultra-low balance point, which helps for better and controlled acceleration on impact. The triple-path guide on this putter enhances better alignment, while the strike dot feature tells you just where the putter face should touch the ball when you need to take a shot. If you are looking for the best putters available to improve your performance, whether as a beginner or high handicapper, this is one putter you should have in your bag. It has a light graphite shaft and foam grip, making putting easier for you.

tick - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Warranty – comes with a one-year warranty
  • Great feel – has an awesome feel and exceptional balance
  • The sweet spot finder
  • Stand-alone feature – the club head weighs about 350g, and it allows it to stand alone even on slopes and soft breeze, making for better alignment and accuracy on strokes
  • Hight MOI – provides high MOI
  • Money-back guarantee – there’s a clause that allows you to return the putter and take back your money if you are not satisfied with it within the first 60 days of purchase
  • Affordable – it is very affordable, giving what it offers
  • Putter head – it has a stainless steel putter head that keeps it from rusting
  • Line path guide – the S7K’s bold alignment aids improve path control
Cross - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide
  • Heavy – it has a quite heavy putter head, and a wide base makes it uncomfortable for most golfers, especially with the fact that the shaft is extremely light
  • Slows the game – the stand-alone feature has been criticized for slowing the pace of the game because players will spend more time trying to align their shots.
  • Not so strong – some users admit it’s too weak to play with
  • Adjustability – it is unable to be adjusted and custom fitted
S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for...
  • NEVER MISS ANOTHER EASY PUTT; Stop missing putts from 10 feet and in; Drain more putts for birdie and par; Lag it close from long distance and hole pressure putts like a seasoned pro
in the cup - Top 10 | Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer | Reviews And Guide

Finding the right putter for your game

Buying your first putter as a beginner could be a bit problematic. Going online and in golf, stores to secure a sleekly designed and affordable putter just like the ones we talked about here is pretty easy, but that’s not all there is to do when it comes to selecting the right putter for you.

Putters come in varying designs, materials, lengths, types, and so on. You will need to make sure you select the best golf putter for you if you want to have a good chance at enjoying playing the game of golf. There are many things to consider before paying for that putter. While some professionals will need to test your playing style and level before choosing the best putters for you, it is important you know about some key features of a putter before buying a putter.

Here are a few:

Key Features of a Putter for a Beginner

Beginner golfers, well, all golfers really, will need to decide if they prefer blade putters or a mallet or if they can do with or without alignment lines. This is probably the first decision you need to make when reviewing putter features.

The majority of players just starting the game will not have a perfect stroke, so we recommend trying mallet style putters. A mallet style putter has a more stable face and helps the golfer putt more aggressively. Another key feature is the grip. A mid-size or large grip will help remove your wrist from your putting stroke. Unless you simply hate the feel of the putter, try a mallet style putter with a mid-to-large size grip.

Also, is the putter forgiving? Most beginners will mis-hit several putts a round, so a very forgiving putter that is designed to compensate for off-center putts can help you putt better and score lower.

As a beginner, one other most important aspect of a putter you must consider is the putter face and insert. Putters have different types of faces, namely: metal face, groove face, and insert face. These putters differ in weight, material, impact on a golf ball, forgiveness levels, and so on. It is important that you make sure you get a putter that suits your playing style and requirements.

Another key feature will be the length of the putter. Ideally, the length of the putter should be enough to allow your hands and arms to hang naturally in a normal position when putting. Finding the right length putter for you improves the precision, comfort, and consistency of strokes.

Main Parts of a Putter

  • Grip

Putter grips come in various thickness and materials. Some feel firm when you hold them, and others have a soft texture. Size or thickness is the most critical decision you will make. Do you want to standard, thin putter grip or do you want to try a mid-size or jumbo grip? The best putters for beginners will favor a thinner grip, which will give you more feel in your hands. Of course, the larger grips will help you remove your wrist from your stroke.

  • Hosel & Shaft

For many golfers, the hosel/shaft combo is the most important part of a putter’s design. When it comes to considerations for the best putters for beginners, we ask: Does the shaft come into the heel or is it center-shafted? How does the shaft bend? If you are looking at putters in your local golf retailer or pro shop, pay attention to the different shaft designs and the shapes of the hosels.

  • Head

Putter head variations is what defines the different models available to you. The easy question – do you want a mallet or a blade? If only it was that simple. While blades do come in different sizes, they are all similar. Mallet putters can come in what seems like endless shapes and sizes. When you think about the club face, the key is what gives you confidence when you stand over a putt. It needs to look good to you.

Looking for the Best Putter for a Beginner Golfer


Will an expensive putter improve my putting?

You can not buy a better or more consistent putting stroke, but a high-quality putter can help protect against your bad putts. If you tend to decelerate, you can find a putter that will give you more “pop”. If you tend to push or pull putts, a well-balanced putter can help stabilize your stroke.

The greens on the public courses I play tend to be slow. Would I be better off using a blade or mallet putter?

A mallet will make it easier for you on slow greens. This style of putter will help you put over spin on the ball and will make it simpler for you to hit the ball hard, without losing accuracy.

I know belly putters are now illegal, but what alternative putting options are still allowed if I am really struggling with my conventional setup?

If you are looking for a different technique, we would recommend you try a “claw” grip or an armlock putter. The armlock technique for putting is what most of the PGA tour players switched to when the belly-putter was determined to be illegal.

You only need 1 putter when you play, but many of my more-experienced golf friends own several – why?

There are a couple reasons why you may want more than one putter. First, you may like a different style putting depending on the green speed or grass type (bent vs. bermuda). Second, some golfers like to switch putters if they are struggling. A new option might help you break out of a poor putting streak.

Does length of the putter matter? How should I determine the right length for me?

Putter length does matter – you want your arms to comfortably hang down when you grip the club. Most putters are offered in 35”, 34”, and 33” and typically golfers select putters that are a little too long for them. We recommend the 34” putter and potentially, the 33” if you are below average height.

Final Thoughts

When someone asks “what is the best putter for a beginner” there is no single answer. One size does not fit all. You will need to consider what features you need and what designs you like. Putting is truly unique to each individual golfer.

For beginning golfers, investing in your short game is always a good idea and new putters do have additional technology to help you roll the ball better on a more consistent basis. Enjoy the search – shop around. Find the putter that makes you feel confident when you stand over that putt on 18 to win a couple bucks from your buddy. It is time to make some more putts and shoot lower scores!

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  1. There are a lot of putters on the market, and it can be difficult to determine which one is the right one for your game. I have personally used many different putters over the years and I have found the best one for my specific needs.

    I would highly recommend a putter that is made in a sturdy metal frame. This putter will last much longer and is more durable than a plastic putter. Putters that are made in a plastic frame often have a high degree of accuracy and are often not used much. A durable plastic putter is a good choice for putters that are not using a lot of ball power.

    Putters that are too big or too small can cause problems with your putter over time. smaller putters are better for small Putters that are not too big or too small can cause problems with your putter over time.


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