10 Awesome Gifts for Beginner Golfers They’ll Love

Without a doubt, golf is a game that is loved by many, but finding awesome gifts for beginner golfers can be confusing, especially if you’re not a fan of golf yourself.

But don’t worry! We have provided you with 10 great ideas and suggestions of golf gifts and accessories you can buy for a friend, family member or colleague without having to pay through the nose.

These gift ideas are all available on Amazon, which allows you to pair items for a fast and effortless bundle because any of these gifts will be of great choice. So whether you are looking for a Christmas gift, birthday or even Mothers or Father’s Day gifts, we have some top suggestions here.

Alright friends, let’s get some awesome golf gift ideas.

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10 Awesome Gifts for Beginner Golfers

  1. Personalized golf ball marker & divot tool
  2. Golf Gloves
  3. Cool golf towel
  4. Indoor putting green
  5. SKLZ Golf Tempo Golf Swing Trainer
  6. Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net
  7. SelfieGOLF Golf Analyzer Cell Phone Holder
  8. Golf Improvement Books
  9. Golf Laser Rangefinder
  10. Golf Balls (You can never have enough)

1. Personalized golf ball marker & divot tool

Personalized Divot Tool and Hat Clip Golf Ball Marker Set~3 Finishes~9 Engraving Styles(Pewter-3...

A golf ball marker is an essential tool that a beginner will find useful on the golf course. It is used to mark the position of a ball before moving it to let someone else take their putt. So why not consider creating one that the golfer in your life will love to use.

A divot tool is also handy (especially for beginners) to easily help repair any divots they take while swinging their club. One of the more useful golf accessories for beginners.

I love this personalized gift set that comes with three golf ball makers, a magnetic divot tool and clipper which are all packed in a beautiful box. 

However, there are other options, available on Amazon. Some even let you upload a picture. Whether you choose a nice family picture or scour their Facebook page for the most embarrassing photos you can find, I’ll leave that up to you. But I know what I would do.

2. Golf Gloves

Under Armour Boys' CoolSwitch Golf Gloves - Spieth Jr. Edition,Left Hand Medium

For most beginners who experience loose grips while playing on the green, wearing golf gloves goes a long way to remedy such ordeals and even golf stars like Rory Mcllroy uses them.

In golf, how to grip a club is part of the basics, and you getting golf gloves for that special person show how much you care about their improvement on the game.

Golf gloves are used to enforce more grip to the club. It becomes easier for golfers, beginners and professionals, to prevent the golf club from slipping out of their grasp. 

Furthermore, its functionality doesn’t just end there, it protects the hands from wear and tear especially if the person plays frequently and can be prone to blisters.

So, if you have a relative, friend or perhaps a colleague who lives in a sweaty, hot or humid region, or even somewhere prone to rain and loves golf. This is one gift they will appreciate

They are some amazing golf gloves available on Amazon.  They come in different colors, sizes and designs for all age groups ranging from kids gloves, men gloves and also for the ladies. 

Under Armour Boys' CoolSwitch Golf Gloves - Spieth Jr. Edition,Left Hand Medium
  • UA CoolSwitch uses an exclusive coating on the inside that pulls heat away from your skin, so you actually feel cooler

3. Cool golf towel

Uther Premium Golf Towel - Cart Small Golf Towel (Birdie Talk)

Have you ever tried playing golf with sweaty hands? Good luck with that.

Golf towels are quite something you will need to have handy especially as a beginner in the sport. They are used to clean dirt off clubs during play which helps to keep the club in a top condition, and also used to dry and clean sweaty hands. 

Getting your kid, friend or relative that’s just starting to learn golf a cool golf towel can be just the ideal gift as it can prevent them from making horrible shots using sweaty hands and also be used to dry golf clubs before putting them back in a golf bag when playing in bad weather.

There are some cool golf towels available on Amazon in different specifications, sizes, colors and styles that suit a perfect golf gift choice.

We love these ones for the colorful patterns and great value. These towels are affordable and also have the highest quality alongside durability making it an ideal golf gift for any golf lover. 

4. Indoor putting green

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

We all know that every skilled golfer has to have excellent putting skills. This is essential to have good scores in golf and it’s definitely something every beginning golfer will need to bring to their golf game. That’s where the indoor putting green comes in.

An indoor putting green is a golf learning aid that allows golf lovers to practice and improve their putting and chipping skills no matter the time of the day. 

The greens are available in different shapes, sizes and designs, making it an excellent gift to buy for any golf lover. Even young kids will love playing with it and assist in improving putting skills. I find mine makes an excellent ball retriever when I do get it in the hole!

There are some things that are to be considered when purchasing an indoor putting green like the quality of the turf, size, wrinkle resistance and play breaks. 

This putting green from Putt-A-Bout is currently one of my favorites. It is a great build and offers amazing value.  In fact, it features on my other gift list where I focus on inexpensive gifts for golfers.

5. SKLZ Golf Tempo Golf Swing Trainer

SKLZ Golf Tempo & Grip Trainer for Right-Handed Golfers

One of the fastest and easier ways any golf lover can improve his game is by working consistently on his swing, especially the tempo and grip.

The SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer are designed for this sole purpose. It is an excellent golf training aid that can be used to improve golf beginners’ tempo and swing speed alongside their grip without having to go to the golf course or driving range.

If you are buying a gift for someone that is new to golf, they will definitely need to work on their tempo and grip to improve, so this is a great shout. 

The SKLZ can easily be purchased on Amazon coming with different designs and interchangeable weights to replicate the swing of a driver or iron. It is a great tool that will help to build a beginner golfer’s muscles and skill without having to carry a lot of gear to the course.

SKLZ Golf Tempo & Grip Trainer for Right-Handed Golfers
  • Training grip provides the correct hand position for the right golf grip

6. Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net | Outdoor / Indoor Golfing Target Accessories and Backyard Practice...

The Rukket golf chipping net is crafted to sharpen beginners golf chipping skills when they practice frequently. It is user friendly, coming with a pop-up design for easy storage, and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. 

It provides an opportunity for any golfer to improve their accuracy with three targets to practice with to prepare  for any ultimate challenge with friends on the green.

This is a perfect gift you can surprise a friend, colleague at work or a relative that loves golf with that may need some extra practise hours. It can be used in the garden or even inside their office or at home to level up their chipping skills.  

Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net | Outdoor / Indoor Golfing Target Accessories and Backyard Practice...
  • BECOME A SHORT GAME GURU: Sharpen your skills with the ultimate folding golf chipping net! This bundle includes (1) Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net, (12) Rukket Sports Foam Practice Balls and (1)...

7. SelfieGOLF Golf Analyzer Cell Phone Holder

SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing - Cell Phone Holder Golf Analyzer Accessories | Winner of The PGA Best...

The SelfieGolf Analyzer cell phone holder is a great gift for a beginner golfer. It allows you to analyze your golf play to know what you’re getting wrong so that you know where exactly to improve on.

Tested and highly vetted by pro golfers, it features a stronghold on the phone irrespective of the weather condition: windy, snow, rain or shine and easily fits into all golf bags.

The golf analyzer cell phone holder can fit all cell phone sizes has it features an innovative clip-on design that offers almost limitless options for places to clip on and set up.

Once in place, it can be used to record golf swing video enabling the user to breakdown their swing, step by step and analyse where improvements can be made. 

SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing - Cell Phone Holder Golf Analyzer Accessories | Winner of The PGA Best...
  • Easy clip system - set up and adjust height in seconds to record golf swing video[ No Help Needed ]

8. Golf Improvement Books

Why You Suck at Golf: 50 Most Common Mistakes by Recreational Golfers

Books are always a great gift and golf lovers, especially a golfing beginner, is no different. 

Books are powerful sources of information and golf improvement books are not an exception to this. The best golf books as the name entails are like an instructional manual with essential tips and guidelines on how beginners in golf can improve their game. 

They teach a number of things such as putting and chipping techniques, how to grip a club, exceptional swing stances, golf terminologies and their meanings amongst others.  They will really help anyone make the most of their time on the golf courses.

They get even better when they can do all this and inject a certain amount of humor. That’s why I love “Why You Suck at Golf” written by Clive Scarff. 

These books teach beginners the most common mistake made by recreational golfers and how they can avoid these mistakes to improve their golf skills when the principles in these books are followed. 

Of course, there are a few other great options. Golf For Dummies is always a solid choice or if you want to forget the improvement aspect, skip getting better all together and just go for Golf’s Best Excuses: 150 Hilarious Excuses Every Golf Player Should Know.

This is an ideal gift for any golf lover (maybe even yourself) who is zealous about improving their game and loves books. Of course, if the person you are buying for doesn’t have a sense of humor, serious books are available too. 

9. Golf Laser Rangefinder

PEAKPULSE 6S Golf Laser Rangefinder with Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration Technology and Fast...

This is yet another exceptional gift you can buy for any golf lover and not just for beginners. 

Golf Laser Rangefinders are very common amongst amateur level, even though it is not allowed in the professional level like the PGA Tour. 

The laser technology allows golfers to obtain the yardage of a particular shot from the flagstick – in other words, it helps you calculate distances which are then displayed on the screen.

It will help with club selection and how much oomph to put into a swing, perfect for all developing golfers.

PEAKPULSE 6S Golf Laser Rangefinder with Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration Technology and Fast...
  • Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration Technology: Flag Acquisition Technology makes it effortless to lock on to the flag (even for those with shaky hands). Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration...

10. Golf Balls (You can never have enough) 

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls White, One Dozen

Golf balls really need no introduction as it happens to be the most essential golf accessory in the sport, there is simply no golf without them.

They are always an awesome gift to buy for a golf lover as (especially when learning to play golf) you can never have enough balls.

Throw in the fact that they are very affordable, those on a budget don’t need to pay through the nose to get a great gift.

If you want to buy some balls, I’d certainly recommend reading our post, the best golf balls for beginner golfers, but if you can’t be bothered, I also highly recommend the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls.

They are great quality golf balls while stylish and certainly a talking point on the tee.

Final thoughts on the best gifts for beginner golfers

When it comes to golf gifts it can become quite confusing if you are not sure what you’re looking at.  

I hope you like my list of awesome gift ideas that are all chosen carefully to be gifts that will improve golf play but are also pocket-friendly.

If I were to have an overall best pick, then I think the indoor putting green just shades it.

Putting is such a key skill and this gives them the chance to practise anywhere, all that is needed is just a little space to set it up, which could be inside the office, on a boat, the backyard of the house or out in the open. 

If you have any awesome ideas to add to this list, add them to the comments and I ‘ll certainly check them out.

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