How To Practice Golf At Home | 6 Great Tips Drills and Ideas

Golf is a fantastic sport but getting better can be a difficult task. There are so many things that can be improved. Everyone could improve their driving, iron play, short game, or emotional management.

It is a never-ending quest to improve and play our best golf. But how much time do you devote to honing your golf skills? The amount of time we spend off the course improving our talents is just as crucial as our time on the course.

A round is not the time to double-check your basics or fine-tune your takeaway and putting stroke. It will ultimately cause you more harm than good.

Getting to the golf course or practice range as often as we would like during the winter months is simply not an option. Life, the weather, and the shortened days all conspire to obstruct progress.

But, regardless of the season, just because we can not get out to the course does not mean we cannot spend time honing all parts of our game without leaving the house. If you want to learn how to practice golf at home, We have put up a list of useful and effective drills and routines for you to try that will help you keep your game on track.

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How To Practice Golf At Home

1. Enhance Your Golf Fitness

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Let us begin with a golfing practice that requires very little space and will help you improve all facets of your game. Workout is probably the most underappreciated golfing exercise of all. Improving your overall health, fitness, and flexibility at home will benefit your golf in a variety of ways.

Your posture, balance, clubhead speed, and total range of motion will all improve. It will allow you to swing the golf club with more flexibility and ease, gaining a few extra yards on your drives and improving your iron shots’ control.

There are many tools available online to assist you in finding the correct workouts, but the following are the most important considerations:

  • Yoga and stretching are excellent for improving balance and flexibility.
  • Core strength can be achieved through yoga or pilates, as well as other abdominal workouts such as the plank.
  • Bodyweight workouts are ideal for overall muscular strength, and if you have some dumbbells at home, there are a plethora of exercises you can do to assist improve your game’s strength and power.

Choose from a variety of home-based fitness routines available on YouTube. Make sure that whatever you choose to do for exercise is something you will love. Keeping fit for practicing golf at home takes up very little space and will benefit you in all aspects of your life, not just golf.

2. Your Best Friend Is A Full-Length Mirror

Your fundamentals are the most crucial component of your golf setup, and there are various exercises you can do with a full-length mirror and a club from your bag to guarantee you have the basics down pat.

Your Grip

A bad setup is to blame for up to 90% of swing difficulties, and it all starts with the grip. By practicing your grip in front of a mirror, you can make sure your hands are exactly where they need to be on the club and how they sit and appear together. Seeing it from all sides will give you confidence that you are on the correct track.

Your Posture

In our golf swings, we sometimes have improper posture, and by standing in front of a mirror and taking your typical set up position, you can modify the angle of my spine, the bend in your knees, or whatever it is, so that you know precisely what your body should look and feel like.

Take some posture setup ideas and practice them in front of the mirror to ensure you have a clear concept of what constitutes good golf posture, which is crucial to your golf swing’s effectiveness.

The mirror can be used to check your setup position, takeout position, even work on the ball position and see where your club is at the peak of your swing. It will be easier for you to comprehend where you are going wrong on the course if you can see your body in these distinct situations.

3. Swing Drills

SKLZ Power Position Weighted Golf Swing Plane and Grip Trainer

You can still practice your golf swing indoors if it is raining outside or you do not have access to a garage. Simply ensure that you have a place in your home where you can comfortably swing. If you have any problems, you can:

  • Simply keep your golf grip on the club you are using.
  • If you are confident enough and have an old extra club, you can shorten it for practice alone.
  • Alternatively, you can get an swing plane trainer sucah as the SKLZ Power Position. It is much shorter than a regular club, has a training grip, and is weighted at the bottom to aid in tempo and swing speed improvement.

To begin, use the full-length mirror to slowly slide your club into the required positions throughout your whole swing to verify your positions, and then utilize the input from the mirror to make modifications as you go.

Another excellent drill is to wrap your hands around two clubs of equal length which is 8 and 9 iron. Then make a regular backswing, and you should feel a pulling sensation at the top of the backswing due to the additional weight of the second club. Swing both clubs through and completing a full swing with both clubs.

Repeat this five to ten times before returning to the original club. This can help you improve your control of the golf club, especially at the top of the backswing, as well as enhance the speed of your swing because one club will feel so much lighter than two. This is another excellent drill to do in front of the mirror.

You can practice with a net playing full shots with some golf balls if you have the space in your garden, backyard, or garage, but the downside is that you will not be able to see where the ball is going, and you will not be able to know if there are any issues with your set up or posture.

4. Putting at Home

Everyone wants to improve their putting, and the best technique to do it is to practice at home. When it comes to training your putting at home, there are numerous options for an improvised putting green:

  • If you have carpeted floors, this is an excellent practice for getting the feel and control of your putter, even though the ball will move slowly in comparison to the stimpmeter. You are all set with a trusty mug as a faux target hole.
  • Another great drill to practise distance control is to balance a coin on one golf ball at one end of the room and practice putting another ball as close as possible so that it contacts the other golf ball without knocking the coin off.
  • If you have a rug at home, some space along your skirting, or can set some type of tape down on the floor to ensure it is straight, practicing your putting stroke while ensuring your backstroke does not travel over the line of the rug or tape, and does not touch the skirting, is a terrific exercise.
  • The second alternative, of course, is to use one of the many putting mats currently available, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you opt to putt at home, the most essential thing to remember is to keep your stroke square to your aim and maintain a smooth swing with a modest acceleration through the ball.

5. Mental Workouts

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

The mental component of the game is often overlooked and undervalued, especially among amateur golfers. At home, you can enhance your golf game by using visualization techniques and attempting to build confidence in your own game.

Many professional golfers have mental coaches and employ various imagery exercises to help them perform at their best on the course, so why should not we follow in their footsteps and sharpen our brains just as much as our swings?


The first exercise is to imagine how you want your swing to appear. Imagine in your mind what you picture as your ideal swing, how it feels, what your arms are doing, and where your wrists are at impact, for instance. A mind is a strong tool, and imagining the perfect golf shots in your mind can frequently assist you in making a better swing on the course.

Course Management

If you play the same course every week, going over your perfect round in your head before teeing off is an excellent technique to boost your confidence in your game and give you a game plan. Seeing where you want your tee shot to fall on each hole, which side of the fairway you want it to land on for the greatest stroke onto the green, and where the hazards are on the course.

Visualizing the round in this manner at home might help you gain confidence and improve your game. If you have played the course before, try to recall your best strokes on each hole, as well as the club you used, how you felt, and what was on your mind at the time.

This improves your general confidence in your game, and no matter where you play, these mental tactics will help you stay calm, happy, and motivated about your round, and, more importantly, your next shot.

6. A Few Extra Drills for Practice

There are a few other things you may do in addition to the workouts we have just mentioned to help you practice golf at home:

  • Simply put, you should watch more golf. Observing how the pros play the game can teach you a lot. It is not only about imitating their swing, it is also about how they navigate the course, the amount of time they spend on each shot, and their pre-shot rituals.
  • Magazines, books, and DVDs are all available. Watching instructional DVDs, reading up on the newest golf tips, other articles, and gadgets, or simply watching your favorite golf players on YouTube can all help you improve your game in the comfort of your own home.
  • If you have the budget, then it is worth thinking about investing in a golf simulator. It allows you to play golf whenever and wherever you want in a simulated, controlled environment, regardless of time, place, or weather. Golf simulators have become a popular activity among many golfers. It can be used by any golfer, whether amateur or professional, to practice, record, and analyze their performance across the full bag, from driver to putter.
  • Finally, you do not have to go out and spend a lot of money on all of the latest golf equipment in order to improve your game. During your practice, a variety of household products can be equally useful.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to developing your golf game, being unable to get to the golf course or driving range is just not an excuse. Hopefully, we have equipped you with a variety of fun ways to practice golf at home.

The goal is to make practicing enjoyable while also being beneficial. Swinging your club aimlessly and not paying attention to how your body and club move in relation to your swing will get you nowhere fast. It is not about spending your money on the most costly equipment to have an effective home practice, it is about making sure that any gadgets and drills you utilize have a positive impact on your game.

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