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Getting into golf can be a struggle, there is so much to learn and take in that it can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you are trying to quickly match the skill of your friends and colleagues. But we’re here to help.

Matt at club and tee - All about Club and Tee

I’m Matt, and have been playing golf at a good level for a while now, but I wasn’t always, as you can probably see by that picture. While I am not a pro, if I were, I wouldn’t have this site, I’d be filthy rich and hanging out with Tiger on his yacht, I know a little about swinging a shaft and putting balls. My goal with this website (apart from dropping the odd filthy pun) is to help you make your way into golf, a golf site for beginners.

I know what it’s like in the beginning, a huge investment in kit when you’re not even sure if golf is a sport for you. Maybe you’re using borrowed clubs, and want to upgrade. Possibly you already own a cheap set and want to upgrade a little at a time but unsure of how to go about it, well that is what this site is for. I’ll share with you information, recommendations on great clubs, balls and training products and along with the help of some of the excellent golfers I have met along the way, some easy and actionable golfing tips for beginners and those with high handicaps.

So how does the shop work?

OK, so we don’t actually hold any product, what that means is we are an affiliate shop.

By that, I mean that if you click on one of the buy buttons, you will be taken to Amazon or a different online retailer to make your purchase. If you do buy a product having found it on our site, we make a small commission from the sale at no extra cost to yourselves. This is usually between 3-5% but changes depending on the product or store.

So what that means is you get the best of both worlds. On Amazon (and other sites) there are loads of sponsored products or crap products that prevent you from finding exactly what you are looking for. Our goal is to be your filter out the random products leaving only the best behind for you to improve your game.

A great example of this is drivers. The market is saturated by so many models with each company releasing multiple models every year. We shortlist the best so rather than being faced with thousands to choose from, you can see the best performers here, before buying with all the usual protections you can expect from the large online retailers.

I also want to throw in here something about the word best. What is best for one is not necessarily best for another so we don’t simply list the most expensive products. We research all price levels and look for models that offer value and exceed their expectations vs. cost, whether $3 or $3000.

So that’s it, I hope you enjoy searching round this little corner of the web and take away a few useful tips so you can get out there and start reducing that handicap.

If you want to know more, or have any burning questions about golf you’d like me to answer, feel free to fire away and I’ll do my best to come up with an article for you. You can reach out to me on the contact us page.

Club and tee - All about Club and Tee