A family unit on a golf trip

11 Highlights of Junior Golf Trips: Every Course a New Adventure

As a passionate golf parent, I’m excited to unveil my top 11 Reasons I Love Junior Golf Trips, blending personal experiences with universal joys of the sport. From memorable stays in diverse accommodations​​to the thrill of witnessing our juniors’ triumphs with birdies and eagles​​, these trips are filled with moments of pride and joy. Why … Read more

Group of adults playing golf

Golf Parents Should Compete

IT CAN BE SO HARD TO WATCH…… Is there any junior sport that is harder to watch than golf? Basketball, Soccer, Football all move much faster and you have a team. If you make a mistake, you don’t have time to think about it and your teammates are there to help pick you up. Junior … Read more

A man teaching a group of junior golfers

Ways to Help Your Junior Golfer (Fact or Fiction)

If your child plays competitive golf you will see many different approaches from their parents and families. Different ways to support their favorite junior golfer and help them improve in this game we all love. Get’em Interested in Golf – Get’em Hooked Here is the thing – not all of the approaches work. Some can … Read more

Juniors playing golf

Junior Golf – Start When They are Young!

IS PACE OF PLAY A PROBLEM IN JUNIOR GOLF? As many of you will remember, the USGA kicked off a campaign in 2013 focused on improving the pace of play in golf — the “While we’re Young..” originated from Caddyshack (not a junior approved movie :)). Get’em Interested – Get’em Hooked While this campaign was … Read more

recreational to competitive 1 - Going from Recreational to Competitive

Going from Recreational to Competitive

Count ’em all- post a score- no mulligans- sign your card So, your junior golfer enjoys going to the range and playing with you/their friends. They watched Tiger win the Masters or caught the final putt of the Solheim Cup, going from recreational to competitive and want to start playing in tournaments. There are tons … Read more