Grandparents – Junior Golf Super-Fans


No weather is too cold — No van ride is too long — my parents love watching their grandsons play tournament golf. They are always junior golf super-fans and are always excited watching my kid’s game.

Junior Golf Parents – How Do You Spend the Last Hour

The only thing they fear – No Spectator Cart Policy :).

My mom owns hats from most golf courses on the east coast, because it is always a little colder than she expects


There are many advantages to bringing my parents on golf trips — just a few off the top of my head.

  1. They tend to bring high quality snacks
  2. They can help with the driving (that being said, I feel safer with my teenage son driving than my dad)
  3. They make good caddies — some events won’t allow parents to caddie, but grandparents can
  4. Maybe they buy dinner on the way home (Unfortunately, my dad tends to “forget” his wallet at home)
  5. They can provide updates if you have multiple players in the field

#5 has been a big one for our family — with both boys playing, it impossible to watch them both, so we need live updates. We have come up with a system to text updates using Emojis — eagle (eagle), birdie (birdie), fox (par), mouse (bogey), panda (double bogey), monkey with eyes covered (triple bogey). turkey (missed green), frog with a number (green in regulation and length of birdie putt.

mike - Grandparents - Junior Golf Super-Fans

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Mike Harris is a former college golfer and dedicated father of two talented junior golfers. With a passion for the sport that began in his own childhood, Mike now focuses on helping his children, Avery and Olivia, navigate the world of junior golf. He’s eager to share tips, advice, and insights with other families on their own golf journeys. Join Mike as he tees off into the exciting realm of junior golf, providing guidance to parents and kids alike.

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