11 Highlights of Junior Golf Trips: Every Course a New Adventure

As a passionate golf parent, I’m excited to unveil my top 11 Reasons I Love Junior Golf Trips, blending personal experiences with universal joys of the sport. From memorable stays in diverse accommodations​​to the thrill of witnessing our juniors’ triumphs with birdies and eagles​​, these trips are filled with moments of pride and joy.

Why 11? Well, it was going to be 10, but then I thought of another one!

From celebrating to joy of a rare eagle or a miraculously saved par to indulging in the local flavors that mark each destination​​. Join me as I share my love of junior golf trip, exploring the nuances that make every trip a cherished memory.

1. Room Stays

Junior golf trips offer a range of accommodations, from luxury family-friendly golf resorts to cozy hotel rooms. Each stay, whether at a sprawling resort with mini-golf courses or a budget-friendly inn, brings unique experiences. It’s not just about where you sleep, but the memories created within those four walls. Sure, there can be disagreements in the tight quarters, but what I remember are the laughs.

The laughter, late-night stories, and shared anticipation for the next day’s tournament, especially at resorts designed for junior golfers, turn these stays into unforgettable family moments.!

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2. Birdies & Eagles

Witnessing your child score a birdie or an eagle is a highlight of junior golf competitions. Whether it’s a subtle nod from my older kid or a jubilant fist pump from the younger, these moments are priceless. At youth golf tournaments, each achievement is celebrated, fostering a supportive environment.

These rare and exhilarating triumphs bring joy and mark important milestones in junior golfers’ journeys, encouraging them to aim higher in their sporting endeavors.

3. Food

Culinary adventures are an integral part of junior golf trips. From local diners to resort restaurants, each meal becomes a chance to bond over the day’s events. While health might take a backseat, the joy of discovering new eateries and indulging in different cuisines adds to the overall experience.

Golf-themed vacation packages often include diverse dining options, but my approach – just use Yelp and look for a local spot that has 4+ stars and give it a try.

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4. Crazy Parents

The world of junior golf is filled with diverse families, each bringing unique dynamics to tournaments. Interacting with other parents, from the overly enthusiastic to the calmly supportive, provides insights into different parenting styles.

These interactions can be both amusing and enlightening in events like parent-child golf tournaments. While you might encounter the occasional overzealous parent, it’s the camaraderie and shared experiences that truly define the atmosphere of these events.

5. Tee Gifts

there is just something about tee gifts – it feels like a prize just for showing up – of course, you paid for it (and probably a lot), but that isn’t the point.

These gifts range from practical items to memorable keepsakes, whether at a local youth tournament or a prestigious collegiate golf scouting event. They’re a reminder of the experiences, the courses played, and the challenges faced.

Each event’s tee gift evaluation becomes a fun family activity, discussing the usefulness and uniqueness of the items received.

6. Miracle Pars

they are often better than birdies – it is the true golf redemption story – you hit several bad shots, but somehow save par! They’re tales of resilience and skill, especially significant in junior golf competitions.

I remember my son’s miraculous pars, battling through tough lies and challenging greens, and the pride in his eyes as he walked to the next tee. These experiences teach valuable lessons in perseverance and adapting to the challenges of the game.

7. The Chance to Caddie

– it can be hard to caddie for a parent and many tournaments don’t allow it, but I still love the challenge. I love being inside the ropes with my son – trying to help – trying not to say the wrong thing – trying to help them navigate the tournament round.

It’s a blend of guidance, support, and sometimes, healthy debates over strategies. Golf clinics for youngsters will often discuss the importance of effective communication between player and caddie, and these moments on the course put those lessons into practice. It’s a role that’s both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Oh yeah and we love to have conversations/arguments about who is the better caddie (me or my wife). She knows nothing about golf, but is always positive and has lots of snacks – hard to compete with positivity and food!

8. College Coach Outfits

This is a small one, but it always makes me laugh, The distinct fashion choices of college coaches.

Their attire, often loudly representing their alma mater, while dressed like a Ryder cup player from the 90s, adds a light-hearted element to the seriousness of collegiate golf scouting events.

Yes – we know you are from Clemson. You didn’t need the orange shoes, orange socks, Clemson shirt, orange hat, and Clemson belt!

9. New Courses

Junior golf can take you to courses all over the country – many, you wouldn’t get a chance to see if it wasn’t for the tournament. As an avid golfer, I love getting the chance to see new courses.

Each course offers its own set of challenges and learning opportunities, making every round an adventure. The excitement of playing on courses that we’d never have accessed without these tournaments is a significant draw of junior golf trips. It’s about experiencing the diversity of the sport, both in landscape and design.

10. Car Rides

Long drives are a staple of junior golf trips. These journeys are filled with games, laughter, and deep conversations, there is nowhere else you can convince your kids to play silly games. Whether it’s playing ‘GHOST’ or discussing the day’s tournament, these moments are an opportunity for family bonding.

The anticipation of the next destination, be it a new course or a familiar resort, adds to the excitement. Car rides become a time capsule of our shared journey in junior golf, treasured and often filled with reflections on past tournaments and plans for future ones.

11. Resorts

So – you play golf on golf courses and many golf courses are part of resorts, so you end up spending time in some pretty sweet spots.

These stays don’t always just have to be about golf. A nice drink by the pool can help when a round doesn’t go as your child hoped. We have traveled to several spots I look forward to revisiting once my junior golf parent career is over.

mike - 11 Highlights of Junior Golf Trips: Every Course a New Adventure

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Mike Harris is a former college golfer and dedicated father of two talented junior golfers. With a passion for the sport that began in his own childhood, Mike now focuses on helping his children, Avery and Olivia, navigate the world of junior golf. He’s eager to share tips, advice, and insights with other families on their own golf journeys. Join Mike as he tees off into the exciting realm of junior golf, providing guidance to parents and kids alike.

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