Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Review

Bushnell tour is arguably the best brand of golf rangefinder. It once again shows how great it is in coming up with powerful, easy-to-use, and compact rangefinders with the Tour X.

This rangefinder has all the features you would want from a rangefinder. The price may not be the lowest in this list but you can be assured of the quality.

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Bushnell Tour X Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

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The Bushnell Tour X has a few noticeable flaws, like its slightly heavier body. Its focus knob also has a tendency to be easily twisted out of focus. But overall, this is one of the top-rated rangefinders on Amazon.com.

Exchange Technology

In my book, this is the main feature of the Tour X. It gives the Tour X a patented slope technology function that you can use while you practice or when you are in a golf course you’re unfamiliar with. You can also get rid of the slope function, so you can use the Tour X in tournament play.

Switching between the two modes is easy as you have to install a red face plate for the slope function, and a white face plate for the distance and slope angle-only program.

Jolt technology

This is another key feature of this golf rangefinder. It is also a Jolt technology that has made the Bushnell tour x rangefinder review very popular among golfers. With the Jolt technology, the unit buzzes twice the moment it locks into a flag or target.

It may appear like a very simple feature but for golfers, it can do a lot of wonders. It can assure them that they have locked onto the correct target.

User-friendly design

Another impressive feature of this golf rangefinders is its user-friendly design. The buttons, dials, and interchangeable faceplates all give clunks and clicks when used, so you know that you’ve pressed them correctly.

It’s also very easy to use. Simply point it at your target, use the red button on the top to activate it, and push and hold it again with the crosshairs on the flag.

Dual display exchange technology

There are many laser rangefinders under the Bushnell tour brand but this is the only model with Dual display technology.

It allows the user to toggle between a black

faceplate or red vivid dual display technology. With this function, you can choose the appropriate display depending on the lighting conditions.

While this may seem like another minor slope feature, most golfers like that they can adjust the display color depending on their personal preference.

Extreme Speed Precision technology

This is another patented slope technology feature of Bushnell rangefinders. It enables the Tour X to zoom in on the flag and display the distance measurement in the shortest time possible.

Dual display technology

What’s the Light Gathering Capability Like on the Bushnell Tour X Jolt Laser Rangefinder? Thanks to the large objective lens and fully multicoated optics, the transmittance is quite good on this rangefinder. You’ll be able to easily see targets in low lighting conditions, and the Dual Display slope Technology allows you to switch between black and red displays depending on your preference and the lighting conditions. One thing to be careful about is the fact that there are two production models of the Tour X Jolt. One, manufactured in 2015, has a mirrored lens, which makes the image very dark Thanks to Bushnell’s E.S.P. 2 technology, the accurate yardages

displays in a fraction of a second.  But of course, that’s just the start with the Tour X. The new headline feature for the Tour X is the ability to change the display from grey to orange with the flip of a switch.  Bushnell calls this Dual Display slope Technology.  I was able to see the power of this feature in my first round with it.  I teed off at 5:20 AM, so I started with the orange display.  In those pre-dawn conditions, the grey would have been nearly invisible.  As the sun rose, I switched to grey because it’s ideal for bright red display conditions.

laser rangefinders

The Bushnell Tour X is their first laser rangefinder with a removable faceplate for both slope and the non-slope ability for USGA-approved usage.  While they aren’t the first to do something like this, it does get them up to speed with the best of the laser rangefinders.  It is really easy to install or uninstall.  The storage is on the bottom of the case in a little microfiber bag.  It can’t take more than 10 seconds to change out the face plates. Another new feature is the shape of the Tour X.  It really isn’t like any of their other models.

laser rangefinder

 it would have crystal clear optics, it would fit perfectly in your hand, it would have optional display colors, and it would hit the ball the exact yardage it measures for you.  Ok, besides that last one, the other features would make for just about the perfect slope rangefinders. Bushnell tour x put all those features into the Tour X  range finder.  This laser does everything.  (except hitting the ball) The Bushnell Tour X is their first laser rangefinder with a removable faceplate for both slope and the non-slope ability for USGA-approved usage. 

tick - Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Review
  • It is equipped with the most advanced features from the Bushnell tour
  • It can be used for tournament play
  • It has a vivid display
Cross - Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Review
  • It is expensive
  • It is a bit heavy

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Can this be used to point at other objects like trees?

Yes, it works just as fine.

What unit of measurement does it use?

It shows measurements in yards and meters.

Final Verdict

The Bushnell Tour X is one of the highly recommended rangefinders today. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why. It has all the features you would want from a rangefinder. It is also very easy to use.

Granted that it is a bit on the high end as far as pricing is concerned, you can still forgive Bushnell tour for that. After all, this is power-packed in features that justify its high price tag.

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