How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther -A step by step Guide

Golf is quite an enjoyable sport, and this is particularly true if you can get the ball to go farther than Bubba Watson; one of PGA tour’s biggest hitters with an average of 313 yards. Every player knows that adding a little more distance on the hits can significantly help shorten the approach shots while improving your capacity to hit the greens in regulations.

Hitting the ball further isn’t entirely about physical strength or a harder swing- that’s a common misconception. Hitting the ball harder and relying on physical strength will only increase the margin of error in your hits. If you get the right mechanics in place, your swings will be effortlessly powerful; achieving further ball distance with much more accuracy than you would have with brute force and muscle.

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A man hit a golf ball with her full energy

All said it is possible to get more distance for the ball from your hits.

I have put 5 easy and practical tips to enable you to hit the golf ball farther.

Every other time you are on the course, try these:

Watch Your Grip

The thing is to try and get a firm grip. It is quite easy. If you are right-handed, adjust your left hand a little more inward. This way, your knuckles will always face the direction of the target. This way, you will drive right through the golf ball at impact. Do not make the grip so tight. Try treating the grip as though you are holding toothpaste. The pressure should be just enough to squeeze some paste out of the tube.

Dance a bit

Okay, I mean move your hips. For that farther hit, you need to have your hips involved. Involving the hips gets the ball farther even from the smallest players. Remember that when you start the downswing, using the hips triggers a pull to the golf club by your swing. The thing is, involving the hips helps to achieve a higher club speed; it effectively releases all the torque piled up in the backswing.

Shift Your Weight

How you carry your body weight is very crucial in achieving a farther shot. You need to transfer your weight between your legs carefully. At the apex of your backswing, about 60% of your total body weight should gently rest on your back leg.After pivoting through the golf ball with momentum from the hip swing, you should adjust your body weight so that 85%-90% of your weight shifts to the front leg.​

Always keep the lead arm straight

You can quickly achieve a longer ball distance by just keeping the lead arm straight. If you can make a straighter arm, you will gain more mileage for the ball. With a straighter lead arm (which is the left arm for the righties) you create a larger distance to be traveled by the club head before the head hits the ball. This enables the club head to gather momentum and speed before impact which will result in more distance for your shot. Ensuring that your lead arm is straight will also ensure that you have a more accurate angle for your twist during your backswing. This also adds to the distance of travel by the club thus adding to the force at impact.​

Turning your hands

It is important that your swing ends strong by turning your right hand just at the right moment. This is referred to as a swoosh or a snap of the hand. This is the right hand for the righties. Swoosh the hand at impact so that you can garner up that much-needed club velocity that will result in extra speed for the ball. You can then use a range finder to measure the distance traveled by the ball.​

Final word

There are many different techniques that can be used to hit a golf ball further. However, it is important to find the technique that works best for you.

Some golfers swear by a slow, controlled backswing, while others prefer a more aggressive approach. Experiment with different techniques and pay attention to your results in order to find the best way to increase your distance.

Remember, practice makes perfect – the more you work on your game, the better your results will be. With a little bit of effort, you can definitely add yards to your drives and improve your game.

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