is it hard to golf on a simulator

Is It Hard To Golf On A Simulator | Golf Simulator vs Reality

Are you wondering if it’s difficult to golf on a simulator? Find out in this post is it hard to golf on a simulator? as we explore the challenges and benefits of virtual golfing. See how simulator technology has advanced and how it compares to real-life golfing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, get the scoop on what to expect when hitting the virtual green.

topgolf vs drive shack - Topgolf vs Drive Shack - Driving Range Battle

Topgolf vs Drive Shack – Driving Range Battle

First let me say, I love the idea of a high-tech driving range, especially one that serves food, and beverages, tracks stats and allows me to compete with my friends. It is perfect. Second, for some reason, we just had both a Topgolf and a Drive Shack open in our city in the last 3 … Read more

Club & Tee acquires EverydayGolfCoach website

Club & Tee, the fast-growing golfing website for beginners, today announced the acquisition of website. The move will bolster Club & Tee’s mission to make golf more accessible and enjoyable for beginners. CEO Matthew Morris said: “The opportunity was a no-brainer,” said CEO Matthew Morris. “When the website was offered to our team, we … Read more

club tee - Club and Tee buys

Club and Tee buys

Technology has always been a huge part of golf. From the invention of the golf tee to today’s high-tech rangefinders, new gear and gadgets have always given players an edge on the course. And with, Club and Tee now have some amazing resources for golf rangefinder reviews and advice. The site covers all the … Read more