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In my ever-growing quest to lower my scores on the golf course, I have become obsessed with hitting the ball further, which is easier said than done. I mean, we all see the PGA Tour pros crushing drives and instantly think you should be hitting the ball 300-yards by now.

It makes sense on paper; the farther you hit it, the better chance you have to be on the green shooting for eagle or birdie, but putting that into practice is much more complicated. It’s a simple formula; increased swing speed equals increased launch velocity, which equals more distance.

In my case, I would swing harder only to lose accuracy, and it had the exact opposite effect on my golf game. My scores went up because the harder I swung, the more unpredictable my landing spot would be, and I found myself not playing as much from the fairway. 

That’s when I started researching online golf training programs that promised to increase your swing speed without sacrificing accuracy. I went through a ton that just didn’t seem to fit what I was looking to do until I ran across a blog where the author was talking about his experience with Swing Man Golf.

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What separated The Swing Man Golf program from the others for me was the actual swing speed training instruction. It’s a step-by-step process that teaches you how to increase your golf swing speed while at the same time teaching you ball control, but it’s not just about getting up to the tee box and crushing drives.

There is context, and The Swing Man Golf program consists of a set of organized digital training that teaches you how to hit longer shots, which will lead to lower scores. Creator Jaacob Bowden’s Swing Speed Training Programs also teaches you how to regain lost distance as you get older, as well as provide expert golf coaching. 

Bowden has spent years perfecting the science of the swing speed and has proven results to back up his findings with multiple qualifiers for the World Long Drive Championships.

Swing Man Golf offers a unique golf community with 24/7 access to exclusive instructional videos, blogs, printable photographs, swing speed training programs, downloadable logos, and written teaching that caters to all learning types. It may also be done indoors for those who have space.

tick - Swing Man Golf Review | Online Swing Speed Training Program
  • Increase Swing Speed
  • Add Distance to Your Driver
  • Lower Your Handicap
  • Step-by-Step Video Instruction
  • A multitude of Bonus of Golf Teachings and Content
  • You Can Cancel Anytime
Cross - Swing Man Golf Review | Online Swing Speed Training Program
  • Must Commit to The Process
  • Digital Learning is Not for Everyone
  • Hard to Implement in Areas That Have Inclement Weather
  • May Causes Changes to Your Current Swing

Full swingman golf review

Swing Man

Does Swing Man Golf work?

That’s the million-dollar question. Does it work? Before I get into why I’ll say yes. The program works if you stick to the teachings and implement them. 

You need to realize that your swing may have been a mess, so you may need to make tweaks to execute, but you will see results if yu do.

Overall, after a month, I have increased my distance by a little over 30 yards when playing golf. I was consistently hitting it about 270 yards, and within a month, I was finally breaking the 300-yard marker. I have added an additional 10 mph to my overall swing, and I certainly don’t think I’ve plateaued.

Honestly, when I started this, I figured I would consider it a win if I could consistently get to 285 with accuracy, but once I blew past the 285-yard marker, I realized I had a lot left in my swing. So, my goal by this spring is to add another 5-10 mph with an additional 10 yards of carry distance.

You will undoubtedly change how you approach your swing after running through this program. You will focus on delivering the clubhead directly to the ball for maximum efficiency, strength and ball speed off the clubface.

In addition, the introduced exercises will help improve your golf fitness and build your core as well as the muscles vital to improving your swing speed. The key is to follow the program.  

What’s included?

So, what do you get with this program? A lot, actually, but what I like best is the 24/7 access to exclusive instructional videos so that I can watch a video anywhere at any time.

Beyond the videos, you will receive blogs, printable photos, downloadable logs, written instructions, and all of the swing speed training programs.

Here’s the full list:

  • Instantly access to their golf fitness industry pioneering Swing Speed Training content!
  • 24/7 access to Swing Man Golf and its unparalleled Swing Speed Training.
  • Over 20 pages of well laid out instructions with graphical guides and easy to understand video content.
  • Over 115 pictures showing you all various positions, techniques, and more involved with Swing Speed Training.
  • Unlimited all-access to the content updates.
  • Loads of bonus content – more on that in a moment.

The price of the Swing Man Golf Training system currently sits at $49 per month that can be easily cancelled at any time.

Swing Man

Key Performance Benefits

For those of you who have never had any golf swing instruction, The Swing Man program is going to open up a whole new world for you. The methods, approaches, and education will help you finally hone your swing into the consistent, repeatable powerhouse you have been wanting.

This will take you to the next level for those of you who have been golfing for years and maybe had some sort of swing training. The Swing Man Golf Program forces you to look at golf as a whole in an entirely different way.

You will train muscles specific to your golf swing, and you will use those muscles to transfer power from your swing to the ball, which will result in faster swing speeds, more yardage per drive, and bragging rights as you outdrive all of your buddies.

Program Limitations?

As with any program, there are limitations, but the limitations in this program are few. As I mentioned earlier in my pros and cons, some people have a tough time learning from digital pieces of training.

Some people are more tangible and need instant feedback on their swings, and by watching videos and implementing, you generally don’t get that. Only you know how you learn best. If you know that you won’t be able to focus on watching videos and not having anyone to hold you accountable, then maybe Swing Man isn’t for you.

The other limitation that I see with this program is where you live. 

Winters shut down golf for a lot of the world, and not everyone has a golf simulator in their basement or garage or even space to practice their swing indoors during down months, so staying consistent with the training can be an issue. However, I know I like to work on things with my swing in the off-season, so when I hit the links come the spring, I’m ready to grip and rip it. 

I hate losing half a season working on my swing, but sometimes off-season training is not an option.

Bonus content

One of the things I liked once I joined the Swing Man Community was the bonus content that has accumulated since its inception in 2007. There is so much more to golf than just increasing your swing speed, and that’s what I really appreciated as they included additional training aids such as:

  • Zero Point Golf Mental Game Training Audio Program
  • 5 Years of the Monthly Handicap Improver from our Experts
  • Anatomy of the Golf Swing with Mike Dunaway & Mike Austin 
  • Mike Austin’s Golf is Mental Imagery – Vol 1 & 2
Swing Man

FAQ section

Who is Jaacob Bowden?

Jaacob Bowden is the founder and creator of the Swing Man Golf Program. Bowden is a PGA professional whose golf career has seen him win the pinnacle distance challenge and became a long drive champion at the age of 27. He is considered by many as the world’s leading swing speed training expert.

How will I know if I increase my swing speed?

To monitor and gauge your swing, you will need to purchase a swing speed radar. Don’t worry; there are plenty on the market that is exceptionally effective at measuring your golf club speed that won’t break the bank.

Is this program suitable for people just starting out in golf?

Yes and No. Part of the basic training program is great for beginners, such as the mental aspect of the game, but the intense swing trainings will be lost on a beginner who does not have a benchmark for their swing set.

Can you guarantee I will increase my swing speed?

There are too many factors within this training, such as learning style, work ethic, and execution, that are in control of the user, and it’s hard to guarantee anything. What I will say is, if you follow the program and implement the teachings, you should see an increase in your swing speed and distance.

Swingman Golf Review – Final thoughts

The bottom line is the Swing Man Golf Program is a solid training guide. Jaacob Bowden is a legitimate teaching professional with years of research to back up his teachings. If you have struggled to add speed and distance to your game, or maybe you have even lost some speed over the years, then this program is for you.

This organized training will have you thinking differently not only in regards to your swing, but also the game of golf as a whole, and let’s face it; when you play better, you feel better, and the game is fun, and hopefully, with this program, you can remove the frustration and replace it with longer drives and lower scores.

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