How Do I Stop My Hands From Sweating When Golfing?

Do you have sweaty hands while playing golf? If that is the case, you are at a significant disadvantage. But do not worry, you are not struggling on your own. Sweaty hands are an unpleasant experience on and off the golf course. Even if a glove can help, there are plenty of other ways to strengthen your grip. Continue reading to learn how to deal with sweaty hands on the golf field and lower scores.

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Why Are Sweaty Hands Such a Pain?

It is critical to keep your hands dry and sweat-free. You are at a great disadvantage if you have sweaty hands and palms.  A widespread misunderstanding in golf is that playing conditions are easier on a windless summer day. But for many golfers who battle to keep their hands dry, it is not always the case. In the hot, humid conditions, you might potentially play some of your worst golf.

11 Tips for Keeping Your Hands Dry When Golfing

There is no single answer for drying out your hands. Instead, there are a variety of choices for each person and the climate in which they play golf. Fortunately, there are a few things to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, most of these suggestions will require the purchase of something but nothing is too costly, and they will be well worth your money if they allow you to hold the club lightly as you should.

1. Wash Your Hands on the Course Frequently

Running cold water over your hands from a water cooler is a great way to keep your hands sticky. Not only does it keep your hand cool, but it also washes away the sweat and filth that prevents you from having a secure grasp. Keep an extra water bottle or two on hand if there are not many water coolers.

A man washing his hand in a faucet

2. Use a Variety of Golf Gloves and Rotate Them Often

When you buy a lot of golf gloves, they might be expensive. If you sweat a lot, though, you should change your gloves frequently. It does not matter if you rotate after 9 holes, 3 holes, 1 hole, or 1 shot. Simply have as many gloves as possible and alternate them after a few holes so that none of them become too sweaty.

3. Consider New Golf Grips

Consider acquiring new grips if you believe the problem is due to your golf grips being overly slick. Special golf grips for sweaty hands are a fantastic place to start. It aids in maintaining a firm grip on your golf club. Rubber grips are preferred by some golfers because they are soft, while corded grips are preferred by others. Corded grips are far more effective with wet hands than non-corded grips.

A boy is holding the handle of a golf stick

4. Try Dry Hands Products

There are numerous dry hand products available depending on your preferences. Some people prefer a dry hands product such as a rosin ball or a product called Dry Hands, a substance that makes your hands dry without making them sticky.

  • Dry Hands will make your hands look white and chalky, but it will keep sweat away from your hands. It is also only a few dollars, so it is certainly worth a go.
  • Sprays that you will see all over the place also perform wonderfully. It makes your hands sticky enough to be beneficial while also making it more difficult to overapply when compared to items like Dry Hands, these products last a long time.
  • Others may discover that they prefer sticky products. As opposed to each club grip, you simply massage your golf glove and opposite hand gently against the towel. To get less or more tackiness, massage the towel softly or more forcefully depending on how much you sweat.

5. Use Rain Gloves

They undeniably strengthen your grip on the club, even if you have sweat, rain, or water on your hands. Instead of needing to white knuckle the grip to keep it from coming out of your hands throughout your swing, they will allow you to preserve a loose grasp. Rain gloves can be worn even if it is not raining. Make the most of the features of these gloves to improve your grip.

6. Put Baby Powder on Your Hands

If you are on a tight budget, try using baby powder instead. Put a small bit and gently rub it on your hands. Try using what you currently have instead of purchasing a new one if you already have any.

A woman is pouring powder in her hand

7. Wear Sweat Bands Around Your Wrists

Wear a sweatband around your wrist to prevent sweat from reaching your hands. It is not worth it if it affects your golf swing in any way. If it does not hinder your game, wear sweatbands.

8. Skip Golf Towels

Standard golf towels are not particularly effective at absorbing sweat. They are far more effective at removing dirt from your clubs than at drying your hands sufficiently for your next shot. As a result, you might choose to skip the normal golf towels. Towels from the gym, or anything else, will suffice because they do a better job of absorbing sweat and keeping your hands dry than simply spreading sweat around.

Some golf balls on the grass have a golf stick and a towel

9. Carry Extra Towels on Hand

Towels for your body and grips should be used separately. Avoid combining them with normal towels. Clean the clubs and remove dirt from the clubface using them. Carrying three to four towels in your golf bag to dry your hands and grips before each shot is a smart idea. As a result, you do not have to be worried about losing or slipping your hold while hitting the ball. Keep a dry towel tucked into your pants at all times. That way, right before you hit, you can clean your hands and remove your grasp if necessary.

10. Keep Yourself Cooler

Wear breathable clothing, a cap, a cold towel over your neck, ice on your veins, and whatever else you can think of to stay cooler.

11. Improve Your Golf Routine

The final suggestion for dealing with sweaty hands is to increase the pace of your golf game. After cleaning your hands, you are always on a timer to shoot the next shot. If you take more than 60 seconds to dry your hands before hitting the golf ball, your score will suffer.

A golfer is holding a golf ball in his hand

Final Thoughts

Control what you can, even if it is easy to overlook something like wet hands in comparison to everything else in the game of golf. Make sure you have the proper grips, plenty of gloves, additional towels, and the other techniques listed above. Sweaty hands should not prevent you from playing your best golf.

Expect to sweat a little more if you are competing in tournaments or competitive events, as you will most likely be nervous. Carry specific towels for sweat alone, not for cleaning your clubs, and use them the entire round. Also, bring your sweat towel on the green so you may clean your putter grip and your ball before starting your pre-shot routine.

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