All the Things You Need to Play Golf: Your Helpful Guide

You are ready to hit the links and give golf a try. Maybe you have played off and on over the years, but really want to commit to the game. Even if you are still figuring out how to hit the ball, you want to make sure you have all the correct equipment, accessories, and gear. In other words, you like to be prepared.

In this post we share all the things you need to play golf, plus some you don’t, but to help you out we have broken it down into sections:

  • Essential
  • Ideal
  • Optional
  • Unnecessary, but Cool!

So let’s get going.

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Essential items for golf

Here is a list of the fundamental things for golf that you will need to get up and running.

  • Clubs – you do not need a full custom set, but you do need some clubs to play. If you are just getting started, you can get away with only 6-8 clubs (Driver, fairway wood, 5-iron, 7-iron, 9-iron, wedge, putter).
  • Golf Bag – you do not want to walk around trying to hold your clubs, so you will need a golf bag
  • Golf Balls – do not go out and spend $50 for a dozen balls, but you probably want 8-10 in your bag when you head to the course. Plenty of options to find a bunch of balls for a cheap price.
  • Tees – you might be able to find them on the tee box of each hole, but we would recommend you buy a pack and put them in your bag – cannot crush your drives without teeing the ball up nice and high!
  • Ball Mark – regardless if you are playing with friends or plan to get paired with strangers, you will need a way to mark your ball on the green. You can use a coin, a poker chip, or a ball mark from your favorite course. We recommend always keeping some loose change in your bag – great for marking your ball or buying a quick snack at the turn.
golf course 2 - All the Things You Need to Play Golf: Your Helpful Guide

The ideal things you need to play golf

OK, so you have the essentials, what’s next? Here are a few more things to consider.

  • Glove – an essential item if you have sweaty hands or plan to play in the summer heat. The vast majority of players use a golf glove. One thing to keep in mind – if you are right-handed, you wear the glove on your left hand.
  • Sunscreen – probably the most dangerous hazard on your golf course is the sun – no one wants a nasty burn. Be careful where you use it (not on the green), but spray sunscreen is a great way to re-apply during your round without getting your hands greasy.
  • Golf Towel – clip on the side of your bag – use to clean your ball between holes or on the green. If it is hot, dry off your hands and grips.
  • Divot Tool – it is very important to keep the course in great shape, so make sure you have a way to fix marks you make on the green. If you do not have a tool, you can always use a tee

Optional extras

Now we’re getting into the less important but nice to have golf equipment. Although you may not have all of this for your first few rounds, the chances are, once you’re into it, they’ll be on you Christmas lists.

  • Golf Shoes – you can always play in normal athletic shoes, but there are advantages to getting a pair of shoes designed for golf. First, you get better traction and Second, most golf shoes are waterproof. Keep your socks dry if it rains or if there is a heavy dew in the morning.
  • Golf Hat – great for additional sun protection – represent your favorite golf brand or wear the same one as the PGA tour pro you cheer for every Sunday.
  • Headcovers – as you invest in new clubs, you want to keep them in good shape. Strongly recommend headcovers for your driver and fairway woods.
  • Club Brush – keeping your clubs clean on the course can save you shots – you will spin the ball more with clean grooves. You can find these that attach to the side of your bag for a quick wipe down between shots.
golf ball on a tee, two of the essential things you need to play golf

Unnecessary . . . but cool

One thing is for sure, golf is not a sport for minimalists. With so many cool accessories and gadgets available, as well as a birthday, Christmas and Mothers or Fathers Day, there is plenty of opportunity to get your hands on these pretty awesome accessories.

  • Golf Umbrella – if you happen to play in the rain, you can use any umbrella, but the features of a golf umbrella are hard to resist. Designed to be extremely light to make your bag lighter and typically very large to keep you and your clubs dry.
  • Push/Pull Cart – if you enjoy walking the course, but carrying your bag hurts your back, the push/pull cart is a lifesaver.
  • Rangefinder – since most of us do not have a full-time caddie, you can either guess at your distance, spend time walking around to calculate it, or simply pull out your rangefinder and get the yardage in seconds.
  • Personalized Golf Balls – put your name on them. Your favorite golf quote. A picture. You can put almost anything on your golf balls.
  • Shoe Bag – if you invest in some sweet golf shoes, don’t you want to keep them nice? How about a nice leather shoe bag to store them in? Definitely a luxury item, but you are worth it, right?
  • Ball Retriever – do you tend to hit your ball in lakes or creeks? A ball retriever will allow you to reach 15-20 feet into the water and save your ball – save some money by saving other player’s balls as well.
  • Rain Gloves – golf rain gloves are very cool. The wetter they get, the better they grip the club. You can play in a monsoon with no umbrella if you have Rain Gloves. Why would you choose to play in a monsoon? Some of us really love golf!
  • Handwarmers – if you play in the cold, these are a must. Put one in your pocket to warm your hands between shots or inside your golf mittens (see next item).
  • Golf Mittens – awesome in the cold – you can slide your hands inside between shots and if you put a handwarmer inside, it will feel like an oven.
  • Golf Outfit – do you play better when you look better? Maybe you need a red shirt to look like Tiger on Sunday or prefer that weird dress shirt look that Mickelson has been wearing. Either way, golf clothes are designed to help you feel better on the course. They are made to keep you cool in the summer and not restrict your swing.

So what about you, do you have any essential things you need to play golf that are missing off this list? Drop them in the comments and well get them added.

Happy swinging.

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