Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game

Avid golfers can be neurotic about their equipment; constantly tinkering and trying different things to find the combination of clubs and settings that will help them play better. If you approach the game this way, you have probably thought to try different clubs, different shafts, and maybe even testing out different grips.

Many players like the tour wrap grips, but others prefer a cord grip to give them more traction. Have you ever thought about the size of your grips? Typically, we buy clubs with the standard size grip and never give it a second thought, but could we be leaving a potential advantage on the table? There are quite a few reasons why oversize golf grips improve your game.

There are a couple of different ways to achieve oversized grips. You can add several layers of tape under a normal grip – this is the approach many PGA tour professionals use or you purchase a grip that is built oversized. Will this help your game? The answer could be Yes or could be No (an impressive conclusion, right?). It will be based on several factors we explore below.

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Why Should You Try Oversize Grips?

Ultimately, there are 3 key reasons why oversize golf grips can improve your game – hopefully, you can find a friend who uses them or try a club with one installed in a local store, before re-gripping your entire set. The other economical way to test an oversize grip is to use a tennis wrap. You probably do not want to play a round of golf with a tennis wrap on your club, but it is a good way to test the feel of an oversized grip on the driving range.

  1. Big Hands – yes, this seems pretty simple and straight forward. If you have above-average sized hands it makes sense that you might be better off with above-average sized grips.
  2. Medical / Pain Relief – if you suffer from arthritis or joint pain, an oversized grip can help you enjoy playing golf again. It will help you in two ways. First, it will be more comfortable for you to grip the club at address without pain. Second, the larger grip absorbs more vibration at contact, so hitting the ball will be easier on your hands and joints.
  3. Preference – many players with small or average size hands simply prefer the feel of a larger grip. Bubba Watson is an example of a PGA tour pro that builds his grips up because he feels it gives him more control and he likes how the club sits in his hands.

Whether you like the feel of an oversized grip or if it helps you hit better shots is something you will need to figure out by trying it. Depending on your swing, it can help reduce the amount of face rotation and allow you to keep the clubface square at impact. Other players will find them challenging to use – feeling that they can no longer control the face.

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Should I Oversize My Short Game?

The green is where the oversize grip has truly started to gain momentum. More and more tour pros have started using oversize grips on their putters and many new putters now come with these larger grips as the standard offering. 

To be honest, almost all amateur players, regardless if you are a beginner, a high-handicapper, or an elite golfer should try some form of a jumbo grip on the greens. The number one flaw in golfers putting stroke is using their hands too much, leading to a “wristy” stroke. This causes you to miss your line and be inconsistent with speed. To have a great putting stroke, you need to rock your shoulders, with little to no movement in your hands and wrist.

The oversize putter grip can help you achieve this result. It stabilizes your wrist and will allow you to strike the ball more consistently on your desired line. To state it simply, if you have not tried an oversized grip on your putter, you should do so immediately. There is nothing that will decrease your handicap quicker than making more putts.

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Why oversize golf grips improve your game – final thoughts

Oversize grips will not be for everyone but could be a lifesaver if you struggle with arthritis or joint pain. If you struggle with consistently hitting the ball straight, you may want to try a bulky grip on your irons and woods. You may love it – You may hate it.

Unless you are already a superior putter, we recommend you give it a try on the greens. The bulky grip on your putter will help you stabilize your stroke and roll the ball more consistently. A more consistent roll means more putts go in the hole. More putts dropping means your scores and your handicap will start to decrease.

If you enjoy the challenge of golf and love to look for different advantages to improve your game, don’t forget about the size of your grips!

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