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Are you looking for a new GPS golf watch but don’t have loads of budget. Or maybe it’s your first one and you want something that can offer value while you decide how much use you will get out of it. Well, this watch from Golf Buddy could well be the right choice for you.

The aim W10 is the perfect golfing companion. It provides accurate distance measurements, with a 1.3” TFT-LCD color touch screen that provides distance calculations to the front, center, and back of the green, and distances to targets and hazards. You can even use it as an everyday watch! The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 10 hours in golf mode so you don’t have to worry about charging it all day long.

Sounds good? well, continue reading our Golf Buddy Aim W10 review to learn more and help you decide if it is the right watch for you.

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1-Minute Review

Golf Buddy Aim W10 GPS Watch aim W10 Golf GPS Watch with Red/White/Blue Wristband, Black, Medium

Introducing the Golf Buddy Aim W10 GPS Watch – the perfect golfing companion for anyone looking to up their game. This advanced smartwatch features a full-color LCD display with a responsive touch screen, making it easy to track your progress on the green.

The battery life is ten hours, and it can be easily recharged by USB. Plus, with its included green undulation data, you’ll have a leg up on even the most seasoned competitors. With 40,000 golf courses in over 170 countries pre-installed on the Golf Buddy Aim W10 Watch, as well as free wireless course updates, you’ll never be lost for golf again. So you can always find a course to play no matter where you are in the world.

The Golf Buddy Aim W10 provides accurate GPS distances to any point on the course using an easy-to-read color display which also doubles as a watch so you don’t have to carry extra gear in your bag. The new Golf Buddy Aim W10 is lightweight yet durable, stylish yet functional – everything you want from your wearable tech product!

The Golf Buddy Aim W10 is a golf GPS watch that gives you accurate yardages for every shot. This makes the Golf Buddy Aim W10 perfect for weekend players who want to get more out of their game than ever before.

tick - Golf Buddy Aim W10 Review | Great Value GPS Watch
  • GOLF BUDDY Smart App updates your course automatically using Bluetooth.
  • Undulation detection helps with reading the green.
  • Zoom in/out on the green to get a better look.
  • 40,000 courses pre-installed with regular updates.
  • Digital scorecards to keep track of scores.
  • pedometer feature to count steps.
Cross - Golf Buddy Aim W10 Review | Great Value GPS Watch
  • Undulation is present only for select courses.
  • The LCD screen can be difficult to see in direct sunlight.
  • The watchband feels a bit stiff and cheap.
  • Not a perfect fit for people with small wrists.

Let’s take a closer look

How it works

The Golf Buddy Aim W-Series is a GPS golf watch that displays distances to the front, center, and back of the green. It also shows you layups for each hole and has automatic course recognition (the watch will sense when you pass by certain markers on your way around the golf course).

Key Features

Automatic course recognition

With the help of built-in sensors, the Aim W automatically recognizes when you start playing a round of golf. It then downloads the course information and hole layouts from Golf Buddy’s extensive database. Just hit the power button to get started.

Green View

The green view feature gives you an elevated look at the putting surface, which can be especially helpful in undulating greens. Zoom in or out to get a better look at the green from any point on the course.

Digital Scorecard

Aim W has a digital scorecard, which allows you to keep track of your stats for up to four players (or yourself). It also keeps track of putts per round and handicaps so that you can see how much you’ve improved – or fallen behind – your playing partners.


The Aim W is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides up to ten hours of golfing time. It can be easily recharged using the included USB cable. The watchband feels a bit stiff and cheap, but it’s still comfortable enough to wear all day. The 1.3-inch resolution display is large and easy to read & navigate.

Golf Buddy Aim W10 Review


Not all the courses have the undulation data, so it can’t give you slope-adjusted distances. Also, the screen is difficult to see in direct sunlight & it’s hard to zoom on while playing. You can track how many putts you’ve made in a round, but we haven’t discovered where it tallies up that total.

However, these are minor drawbacks to a product that offers excellent performance at its price point.

Ease of set up and use

There’s nothing to it, even the most ardent of technophobes will find it a breeze. The box comes with the watch, USB cable for charging, and a charging cradle. It’s easy to use; just turn it on by pressing the power button. The watch appears which looks like a normal analog watch. From there you can click on the “Play Golf” option which will allow you to see all there is in the watch.

You can find more in the Golf Buddy W10 user manual and guide here => open in a new tab. English starts on page 14.

Ongoing Maintenance

There has been a growing demand to add the shot distance feature by many golfers. The manufacturer hasn’t confirmed anything but it is definitely something that can be added in the near future. Other than these a regular course update can be done through its app using Bluetooth. This will ensure all the updates are regularly added & course maps of new courses loaded whenever they are ready.

Extra Purchases and ongoing costs

It is a very reliable watch that comes with a two-year warranty. Since it comes with a charging cable, there is no need for battery replacements initially. After heavy usage for a year or so you can replace the battery to maintain optimum functioning. This is because the battery will wear down considerably after a year & will start to go down more quickly than it did at the start of its usage. A new battery thus will give a new lease of life & make sure it runs effectively without frequent charging.

Golf Buddy Aim W10 Review

A couple of alternatives to consider

If you are ready to shell out a bit more then go for Garmin S60! This watch is perfect for avid golfers. It quickly gets your location using GPS to show precise yardages to greens, hazards and doglegs on full-color course maps. For a clean appearance, the bezel is made of polymer or ceramic. The battery lasts up to 10 hours in golf mode and up to 10 days in watch mode.

Plus, it features a large, sunlight-readable color touchscreen display – perfect for tracking your progress on those long days out on the green. And with more than 40,000 preloaded courses from around the world, you’ll never have to worry about finding a course to play again. By upping your budget you can seriously get a much better golf smart watch that will help your game at the highest level!

But if you want to stay within budget then consider TecTecTec’s Golf watch. This amazing device can measure distances to the front, back, and middle of the green, as well as help you figure out the distance of your shots. It also features an automatic hole progression system that will keep track of where you are in your round.

Plus, with over 38,000 courses around the world available in its database, you’ll never have to play on a course you don’t know! The TecTecTec Golf Watch is also water and dust-resistant, meaning you can still use it in bad weather conditions.

And if that wasn’t enough, it also has a battery that will last for 2.5 rounds of golf! And with a one-year warranty, software support, and high-class customer service, TecTecTec Golf Watch is guaranteed to make your game even better.


Are there any subscription costs involved?

No, the Golf Buddy Aim W-series is a one-time purchase with no recurring fees. Any updates that are made through its golfbuddy smart app with the help of Bluetooth are completely free.

What type of battery does it use?

The Aim W-series uses a lithium-ion battery. This can be recharged regularly using the USB cable that is provided with the purchase.

Where’s a complete, thorough manual for this purchase?

You don’t get any separate manual included when you buy this watch. However, you can go to Golfbuddy’s website & download the manual from there.

Can you measure your hits for each shot?

No, the Golf Buddy Aim W-series does not measure your hits for each shot.

Is the device completely accurate, or is it off by a few yards?

No device is 100% accurate, and Golf Buddy is no exception. At times it will provide a 95-98% accuracy & be off by 3-5 yards which are completely normal and accepted by golfers.

Final Thoughts

The Golf Buddy Aim W-Series GPS Watch is a great product for golfers who wants to improve their game. With its many features and ease of use, it is a valuable tool on the course. Although there are some minor downsides such as its build quality, these do not overshadow all of the positives that this watch has to offer.

It has all the features you need to improve your game and it’s also affordable. If you’re an avid golfer or just looking for something new, we recommend that you give this watch a try!

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