How Much Does a Good Golf Bag Cost?

With hundreds of golf bags on the market, it can be hard to decide which to purchase especially when there is such a wide price range. You don’t want to end up wasting hundreds of dollars on a golf bag when you could have gotten one that met your needs for half the price. This leaves many people wondering, how much does a good golf bag cost?

In this article, you will learn approximately what price you can expect to pay for a good golf bag. You will also learn about which factors and features you should consider to find the best golf bag for your needs.

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How Much Does a Good Golf Bag Cost?

There is no single answer for how much a good golf bag costs. After all, every golfer is looking for something different. Expensive golf bags will likely have a greater storage capacity, reinforced fabric, and full-length dividers.

Cheaper bags can still work, but they won’t have as high-quality of materials as more expensive bags and won’t have as many extra features.

According to STITCH golf, you can get small pencil bags for as little as $30 however, they will likely only suit the needs of a beginner golfer who only has a few clubs.

If you are a beginner golfer and you are really looking to save money when purchasing your golf bag, the best place to get one is a second-hand sports store. These stores sell high quality equipment, but it’s used which helps to reduce the price. You can find a good second-hand golf bag for as little as $50.

An intermediate player can expect to pay anywhere from $150-250 for a new golf bag. Golf bags in this price range will usually have ample storage space and some extra features such as fully waterproof materials and an umbrella holder.

Professional-level players can expect to spend $400 or more on their new bag. These bags will have all of the additional features that you could hope for, everything from customizable straps to full length apparel pockets and a dedicated putter compartment. Most golfers will not need a bag in this price range and can find a good choice for significantly less money.

Multiple type of golf bags in a golf bag store

Things to Consider When Picking The Best Golf Bags

Type of golf bag

The first factor to consider when picking your new golf bag is what type of golf bag you need. There are three main types of golf bags available, stand bags, carry bags, and cart bags.

Carry bags and stand bags are often sold as the same product although they technically have differences. Carry bags are made from lightweight materials and have straps that allow the bag to be carried on one shoulder or on both shoulders similar to a backpack.

A stand bag has foldable legs that pop out so the stand bag can stay upright while you are playing. Nowadays, most bags in these categories are stand bag and carry bag hybrids meaning that they feature both shoulder straps and legs.

A cart bag is typically a more heavy bag than other types of golf bags on the market as they are designed not for transportability, but for maximum storage space. Cart bags are the perfect bag for someone who has a lot of extra golf equipment and prefers riding in a golf cart over walking.


When you go to look at golf bags, make sure to consider the weather that you usually encounter on your golf course. This will determine what features you should look for in a bag.

If you frequently encounter rain on your golf course, you’ll want to purchase golf bags that have fully waterproof materials and a rain hood. That way, you won’t have to worry about moisture seeping into your bag and damaging your golf gear.


Depending on the value of your golf clubs, you may want to consider spending the extra money to purchase a quality golf bag with full length dividers.

Cheaper bags typically only have dividers at the top of the bag. This can lead to damage from the clubs bouncing against each other the next time you go over some rough terrain in the golf cart.

Type and Number of Pockets

Another feature to consider when you’re looking to purchase new golf bags is how many pockets the bag has. Two of the important types of pockets you should be looking for are a cooler pocket and a waterproof pocket.

A cooler pocket will allow to keep your beverages cool which is especially important if you enjoy playing golf during the summer months.

Waterproof pockets are a good choice if you plan on carrying sensitive technology with you and want to make sure it is not damaged by moisture.

Keep in mind that if you want a fantastic golf bag with lots of extra pockets, you’ll likely need to go with a golf cart bag. Cart bags are larger than most carry bags or stand bags, which allows more room for pockets, and you don’t need to worry about weight.


The last factor you should consider before purchasing a golf bag is its weight. Premium golf bags are usually made with lightweight materials that make the bag easier to carry. That is why you will notice that most tour bags are more expensive golf bags.

Cheaper golf bags are usually heavier which makes them more difficult to play golf with for long periods of time.

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How much does a decent golf bag cost?

The price of a decent golf bag can vary greatly. For a golf bag bad from good quality materials, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $400. Of course, on the cheaper end, these won’t come from name brands, but you can still find some decent golf bags for at these price points.

How much does a full bag of golf clubs cost?

Just like the price of the golf bag, the price of a full bag will vary greatly depending on the quality of golf clubs that you’re looking for.

The cheapest sets that you can find on the market will be around $100 and the most expensive will cost several thousand. An average golfer can expect to spend at least $200 to $300 on a set full golf bag of clubs, if not more.

What is the best golf bag you can buy?

There is no single answer to this question as every player will look for something different in their bags. There are also many different types of bags on the market including stand bags, cart bags, and carry bags.

Some of the best brands that you buy your new golf bag from are MacKenzie, Vessel, Sunday Golf, Sun Mountain, and Ping. Several of these brands have even been used as the preferred supplier of tour bags for notable tournaments.

What should an average golfer have in his bag?

There are 14 basic clubs found in an average set. A good set should include 1 driver, 4 wedges, 2 woods, 5 irons, 1 hybrid, and 1 putter. In addition to the clubs, there are also some other important pieces of golf equipment that an average golfer should have in his bag.

A golfer should always carry extra golf balls, a rain hood, waterproof bags, a water bottle, and sunscreen. That way they are prepared for any weather that may come their way.

Is it better to push or carry golf bag?

Generally speaking, it is better to use a stand bag or cart bag instead of a carry bag. Carry bags can place uneven stress on the back which, over time, can cause an increased risk of injury.

Using a cart bag or stand bag will make the bag more difficult to transport over terrain because you will need to use a push cart, but it will save your back in the long-term.

The benefit of using a carry bag is that it allows you to go over more difficult terrain and to go golfing without needing to rent a golf cart as well. To decide which type you want you will need to consider where you play and what your overall injury risk is to decide if a carry bag is suitable for you.

Final thoughts

Good golf bags can run you anywhere from $50 to well over $500. That’s a pretty big range so it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for, so you don’t overspend by hundreds of dollars.

The cheapest golf bags that you can get will come from a second-hand store. You can find high quality bags at these stores but at a reduced price since they are not being sold in perfect condition. Just makes sure to buy from a reputable seller that way you know for sure that the bag is being sold honestly with all flaws disclosed.

To figure out what kind of bag you need you should consider several features. Think about what kind of bag you want, the weather you play in, its dividers, the number of pockets, and its overall weight. Knowing these things will allow you to narrow down your golf bag options so it is easier to find a bag that’s in your price range and meets all of your needs.

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