What Should Be In A Golf Bag For Beginners?

When you start playing golf, one of the most confusing things is the equipment. After all, with so much equipment available on the market, how are you supposed to know which equipment to purchase?

In this article, you will learn the answers to some of the most common questions that new golfers have:

  • How many clubs should I have?
  • Which are beginner golf clubs?
  • What are the different types of golf clubs?
  • What should I look for in a golf bag?

This article will clear up all of those confusions and give you a clear idea of what you should purchase for your first golf bag.

Golf Clubs

The first, most obvious, items that a beginner golfer will want in their golf bag are golf clubs. There are several types of golf clubs that you should look for when picking out your equipment for your new golf bag.

One of the most common questions that new golfers ask is how many golf clubs a beginner should have.

In a full golf bag, there are fourteen clubs. As a beginner golfer, you don’t need to carry fourteen clubs, but you should get a good variety that way you can play on a variety of different terrains.


One of the first clubs that you will need is a driver. This golf club is the club that most golfers use to start the game. It allows you to hit the ball with long-distance shots which is important if you are playing on a golf course that has sand pits or another difficult terrain that you want to hit the ball over.


The next type of golf club that you’ll need in your golf bag is a wedge club. There are several different types of wedge clubs that you can find. However, each serves a similar purpose. The purpose of a wedge club is to hit the ball over an obstacle.

The four types of wedges are the sand wedge, pitching wedge, lob wedge, and gap wedge.

A sand wedge is used to get the ball out of a sand bunker. A sand wedge has a wide sole that helps it to not get caught in the sand which could reduce swing speed.

A pitching wedge is used to get the ball over obstacles such as trees and bushes.

A lob wedge is a wedge that you’ll use when you need to make sure you get the golf ball over a tall obstacle or a very wide obstacle. This club gives you lots of power and distance, making it good for getting your golf balls over obstacles like lakes.

The last type of wedge is a gap wedge. This wedge is designed to be the middle ground between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge.

3-Wood and 5-Wood

Another two of the most common clubs that you’ll find in a golf bag for beginners are the 3-Wood and the 5-Wood. These are clubs designed to be used on the fairway woods. The fairway is an area in the golf course where the grass is neatly mowed, and it is very easy for the golf balls to move across the lawn. There are also very few obstacles in this part of the course.

Since there are few obstacles, there is no reason for the ball to travel very high. The 3-Wood and the 5-Wood are designed to allow the ball to travel far and close to the ground. That means that you are not wasting any excess energy getting the ball high up into the air and can focus all of your swings on reaching the maximum distance.

The 3-Wood will keep the ball slightly closer to the ground than the 5-Wood. In golf, you’ll see that the higher the number is, the more of an angle it gives the ball allowing it to travel higher in the air.

Some 3-wood and 5-wood golf clubs in the golf bag


One of the most important clubs that you’ll use when playing golf is the putter. The putter is the golf club that you will use to hit the ball into the hole at the end of your game. This club is a lightweight club that allows you to gently and smoothly knock the golf ball toward the hole.

Iron Set

After a putter, you’ll need to pick up a set of irons. These are the golf clubs that you use when you are 200 yards or less from the green. The higher the number is, the closer you’ll want to be to the green to use it.

4 Hybrid

The last type of club that you’ll want to add to your club selection is a 4 Hybrid. These hybrid clubs are a mix of iron and wood clubs. They are great clubs for a beginner golfer’s bag as they are very easy to hit with.

Golf Balls

After you pick up your set of golf clubs, you’ll want to get yourself a good stock of golf balls. Although most golf balls are not very expensive gear, the price can add up over time. Purchasing your own golf balls and keeping them with you will keep you from having to purchase balls from the country club.

If you’re unsure which type of golf ball to purchase, you can check the USGA. This association keeps track of the golf ball brands that are approved.

Golf Tees

Another helpful piece of golf gear that you should keep in your golf bag when you’re on the fairway woods is golf tees. Golf tees are the small sticks that you place in the ground and hit the golf ball off of whenever you start a new hole. You can find plastic tees or wooden tees, which you use will come down to personal preference.

Golf tees are very cheap, especially if you order them online. If you are prone to losing tees and want to keep your costs lower, try purchasing brightly colored tees. These are easier to find if they fly away than neutral-colored tees that will blend into the grass.

golf ball on wooden golf tee to embroider on the green lawn prepare for hit - What Should Be In A Golf Bag For Beginners?

Golf Gloves

A very useful piece of golf equipment is a golf glove. Unlike other gloves, golf gloves are not sold in pairs, and you will typically use a single glove on your non-dominant hand. Your non-dominant hand is what will be taking the majority of the wear and tear from the swinging of your golf club. Using a golf glove can help to protect your hand from some of this wear and tear as well as give you a better grip, especially if you are golfing in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is another important item to carry with you whenever you play golf. The last thing you want is for you or one of your friends to get injured out on the golf course and not have the supplies needed to take care of the injury.

A good first-aid kit will contain bandages, sunscreen, scissors, tweezers, and some basic over-the-counter medications. These will enable you to treat and manage the injury until further help arrives.

Water Bottle

Quite possibly the most important item that you can have in your golf bag is a water bottle. When you are out in the fairway woods for hours at a time under the hot sun you will begin to become dehydrated. To prevent dehydration, it is important to carry water with you and drink it throughout the day.

A water bottle is the easiest way to carry water with you. Nowadays, many golf bags also have pouches or clips specially made to hold your water bottle.

The Golf Bag

Of course, you won’t be able to carry any of the equipment you’ve read about so far without a golf bag. Your golf bag is the thing that will carry all the rest of your equipment and it’s important to pick one that has enough space for everything you want to carry.

Two main categories of golf bags are available on the market: carry bags and cart bags.

Carry Bags

Carry bags are designed to be lightweight and easy for a golfer to carry for hours on end. They are typically designed with one shoulder strap, although some have two, and are meant to be carried on your back. They are made of lightweight materials and are narrow. Depending on the carry bag you choose, you may only be able to carry a few clubs in the bag instead of a full fourteen.

Carry bags are the best choice for a beginner golfer that prefers walking and does not have any problems with back pain. They are also good for golfers who don’t like to carry a lot of things and would rather keep the contents of their golf bag minimalistic.

Cart Bags

In contrast, cart bags are designed to provide as much storage space as possible without concern for how heavy the bag is. They can fit a full set of fourteen golf clubs, golf shoes, towels, golf balls, tees, snacks, and anything else that you might want to carry.

They are ideal for the golfer that prefers to ride on the golf cart in between shots and isn’t planning on doing much walking throughout the day. They are also a great choice if you want to consolidate all of your friends’ gear into one bag. They provide plenty of storage space that will allow them to carry more than enough equipment for two people.

No matter which type of golf bag you purchase, you should make sure that the bag is comfortable to use and has enough space for everything you want to carry.

A golf bag on the golf ground green grass

Final thoughts

Setting up your first golf bag is exciting, but it’s important to go into it having an idea of what you need to purchase. That way, you don’t end up over-purchasing and having a lot of equipment that you don’t need.

The most important pieces of equipment to purchase are your golf clubs, golf balls, golf tees, water bottles, gloves, first aid kits, and, of course, your golf bag.

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