Single Strap vs Double Strap Golf Bag | Which Is Right For You?

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to golf bags – but one of the most important decisions is whether to go with a single strap or double strap bag.

Both options have their pros and cons, and ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and the way you play the game.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the Single Strap vs Double Strap Golf Bag debate in-depth and help you determine which bag is right for you. So let’s tee off, shall we?

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What is the difference between single strap vs double strap golf bag?

Single strap bags are designed to be carried over one shoulder, and are typically lighter and more affordable than their double strap counterparts. However, single strap bags can be more difficult to carry over long distances, and they may not provide as much support for your clubs.

Double strap bags, on the other hand, distribute the weight more evenly and can be more comfortable to carry for extended periods of time.  They are also likely to have more storage compartments for accessories such as golf balls, tees, golf gloves, snacks and anything ele you need for a day on the course.

So which is right for you?

Single Strap vs Double Strap Golf Bag side by side

Well – it depends! Ultimately, the best type of golf bag for you will depend on your individual preferences and needs. 

When deciding between a single strap and a double strap golf bag, consider where and how you play the majority of your golf game.

A double-strap golf bag is best for fit golfers who walk the course frequently, while a single-strap golf bag is better for golfers who prefer to use a push cart and only really carry the bag in and out of their car (or the 19th hole!).

One other thing to consider is bag distribution. Are you are happy to have all your accessories mixed in one pocket or do you appreciate the organization that more pockets will bring?

My recommendation would be if you are a fit golfer who walks the course while carrying your bag, go for a double strap bag as it is better for your back and therefore long term health. 

If you plan on using a push cart then is doesn’t really matter. Get which ever one you like the most that has all the pockets you require.

What about using motorized golf carts?

 If a golf cart is more your thing, then the strap won’t really doesn’t make that much difference; maybe focus on if you need a 5-way or 14-way bag instead.

However, some bags, known as cart bags, are specifically designed to be attached to the back of a golf cart and feature a single strap that is significantly shorter and more compact in order to rest neatly behind the back while secured.

Look for golf cart compatibility when purchasing if this is how you prefer to play golf.

How to Carry a Single Strap Golf Bag?

4 people walking on a golf course carrying a single strap golf bag

A single strap bag typically has a shorter strap than a double strap bag, so there won’t be as much extra slack hanging off the back of the bag when it’s fastened.

This is especially important for golfers who own pull and push carts, as a long strap hanging down beneath the bag can become trapped and jumbled in the cart’s wheels. The single strap will typically lay flat behind the bag and won’t likely snag on anything.

If you are a minimalist, walking golfer, single strap MacKenzie Golf Bags would be a perfect choice for you. Take care of these tips while carrying your single strap golf bag!

  1. The first tip is to ensure that your bag is properly loaded. If the weight of your bag is lopsided, it will undoubtedly affect your posture and back. This means that your items should be evenly distributed throughout the bag to avoid problems.
  2. You should also arrange your clubs so that they are evenly distributed and the bag is evenly weighted. It is frequently overlooked, but even minor differences in weight can cause problems over time. 
  3. To carry a golf bag with one strap, use your dominant shoulder, which will most likely have more stamina. When you start to feel tired on one side, switch shoulders to give your main side a rest.
  4. Another tip is to try adjusting your strap for the best results. Your bag is unlikely to be in the ideal position when it leaves the store. It’s critical to adjust it and make it as comfortable as possible.

How to Carry a Double Strap Golf Bag?

A man with a double strap golf bag on his back

Double strap bags are typically best suited to golfers who prefer to walk the course. Golfers can carry their bag more comfortably and conveniently over long distances by using a bag with two straps that rest over both shoulders. Before you get on the course, try to get a feel for the bag.  The most comforting resting position can be found by fiddling with these double strap bags’ adjustable straps.

Here are a few tips on how to carry a double strap golf bag in the right way;

  1. Check that the weight is distributed evenly in your bag. A weight problem will be even more detrimental to your back and posture on the golf course if you use a stand bag with two straps. There will be an adjustable plate where the two straps meet in a cross. This is a key part of how weight is distributed across your body. Try to ensure this plate sits centered on your back for maximum comfort. It helps to have a golf buddy assist with this.
  2. Next be sure to adjust the strap length. Whether you have the bag sit high or low on your back is more a matter of personal preference, but as long as the weight is cetnered, find a position that it right for you and feel comfortable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between single and double strap golf bags?

A single strap golf bag has only one strap and is generally shorter and more padded than a double strap bag. A double strap golf bag has two straps that are worn over each shoulder like a backpack, allowing the weight of the clubs to be distributed more evenly.

What kind of golf bag is best?

There is no single correct answer to the question of what is the best golf bag. Cart Bags are an excellent option for both push cart users and riders. Stand Bags are designed to be versatile for both walking and riding. Carry bags are the most compact of all bags, with no structure and are easy to transport.

What Should I look for when buying golf bag?

A good golf bag will have a dual or single strap system, as well as top and bottom handles. Choose a bag with wide, well-padded straps. Check that they are adjustable to fit your body. Look into self-balancing straps if you really want a great strap system. This allows the straps to sit perfectly on your shoulders and keeps your clubs slightly tilted for easier balance and access.

Double Strap vs Single Strap Golf Bag – Final thoughts

So which golf bag is best for you – single strap or double strap?

We generally advise a double strap design for golfers who walk the course more frequently than they ride since two straps equally distribute the bag’s weight over the back. For golfers who typically use push carts or golf carts, single strap designs are preferable since the thinner strap will tuck away more readily when fastened.

A smart strategy to make sure your golf equipment is ideal for your needs is to select the greatest golf bag for your area and chosen style of play. One of the most crucial decisions you must make when choosing a bag is whether to go with a single strap or double strap design. Each design offers advantages over the other.

No matter what kind of golf bag you choose to use, please think about making it as light as possible and leaving any unneeded items at home or in your car. 

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