What Brands Make the Best Golf Bags on the Market?

Picking a new golf bag can be difficult. After all, there are hundreds of different options available on the market, each promising to be the best golf bag.

To make this easier, we have assembled a list of the best companies to purchase your next golf bag. Each of these companies manufactures its bags with different goals in mind and each has a different specialty. Some make the best golf stand bag, while others focus on the stand bag. In this article, you will learn all about the history behind each brand and what makes each unique.

Now the question remains, what brand makes the best golf bags?

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Best Golf Bag Brands

Sun Mountain

Sun Mountain is a small, independent golf company that manufactures everything from golf bags to carts to luggage. The company was founded in 1981 by Rick Reimers in Missoula, Montana.

Sun Mountain was the first company to pioneer a golf bag that was also a carry bag and could be carried using shoulder straps. From there, the company only continued to innovate.

In 1986 they put out their first stand bag called the Eclipse. This lightweight bag had thin legs that would fold out to support the bag and keep it off the ground. Over the years, Sun Mountain has also put out other golf-related products including push carts and outerwear.

Sun Mountain is still one of the brands that manufacture the best golf bags. They are constantly innovating and coming out with new golf bags that are comfortable and for the user and functional.

Nowadays, the brand features several different styles of bags including stand bags, cart bags, and carry bags. They also have a waterproof series that has a waterproof valuables pocket and a leather series that is made from premium materials.

All of their bags have plenty of storage space which will allow you to carry everything you need from golf balls to golf gloves.

MacKenzie Golf Bags

If you are able to afford it, MacKenzie Golf Bags is one of the best places to purchase a new golf bag. This brand specializes in creating custom high quality bags that are made from premium leather.

The brand was established in 1985 by Peter Jacobson, a professional golfer. After experiencing a rather inconvenient situation where he was unable to carry his bulky golf bag for a long period of time, he and his brother decided to design their own.

To design the bag, they worked with a local leather craftsman to design a simple, lightweight golf bag made from high quality materials and named it the Mackenzie Walker.

Since then, the quality of the brand has only improved and they have dedicated themselves to creating the best golf bags on the market.

To purchase a MacKenzie carry bag you’ll need to reach out to their team of designers and work together to create a concept. From this concept, they will design you a beautiful, classic bag.


vessel golf bags - What Brands Make the Best Golf Bags on the Market?
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Another luxury brand that makes some of the best golf bags on the market is Vessel. They specialize in creating high performance carry bags and stand bags from premium materials.

The brand offers several different styles of bags in both the tennis and golf markets. In the golf market, they offer stands bags, cart bags, and staff bags as well as head covers and other accessories.

They are perhaps most well known for their stand bag that doubles as a carry bag due to its lightweight, ergonomic design. This makes it a great choice for the golfer who doesn’t want to purchase two separate bags and needs their bag to be portable but also has enough storage space to store all their golfing accessories.

In addition to their stand bags, Vessel also offers several different cart bag designs for golfers that prefer a golf cart over walking. Each cart bag is different and will appeal to a different customer. Their smallest cart bag is the Lux Cart and their largest is the Lux XV Cart bag which has 15-way full length dividers.

Vessel bags also feature full length dividers to help keep your golf clubs protected and damage free.

Vessel is trusted and used by several professional golfers including Chris Clark. In 2019, the Presidents Cup also used Vessel as their preferred tour bag supplier.


stitch golf bags - What Brands Make the Best Golf Bags on the Market?
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If you’re looking for a smaller brand that meshes style and functionality together to create one fantastic golf bag, look no further than STITCH.

STITCH was founded in 2012 in Cary, North Carolina. The brand was founded by Brad King and Charlie Burgwyn. The pair originally met when Charlie was playing on his high school golf team and Brad was coaching in 1991. Over the years a friendship grew which eventually led the two to become business partners.

The brand is heavily inspired by the style of the vintage cars that the business partners have an affinity for. You can see this inspiration in the racing stripes and sleek lines that grace the designs of their bags and accessories. These bags are designed with style in mind and you can see this in every line of the carefully designed bags. These bags will make sure that you are looking good no matter if you’re playing nine holes or 18.

They offer carry bags that are designed with legs which allow them to be used as a dual-purpose stand bag. The brand also carries a Sunday bag design and a few different cart bags.

No matter what type of bag you’re looking for, be it a golf stand bag or cart bag, you’re sure to find it at STITCH.


shapland golf bags - What Brands Make the Best Golf Bags on the Market?
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For the golfer looking for a simple, classic Sunday bag, one of the best brands in the business is Shapland.

Shapland was founded by Henry Lowland who developed a passion for designing the best golf bag at an early age. He noticed that the golf bag industry was dominated by bigger brands and wanted to change that. He named the brand after Henry Shapland Colt in honor of his British heritage and got to work.

The bags that Shapland produces are designed to be versatile golf bags that can be used in various situations. The brand offers multiple stand bag and Sunday bag designs, all of which can be made into a waterproof golf bag with the addition of a rain hood, along with other golf gear.

The brand’s designs also feature an umbrella holder and plenty of space to store all of your golf clubs. They are made from antique-style hardware and a combination of premium leather and canvas. The designs of the bags are simple and classic and are reminiscent of the early designs popular in England.

Sunday Golf

sunday golf bags - What Brands Make the Best Golf Bags on the Market?
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The majority of the brands on this list have been very expensive, using premium materials and specializing in custom made bags. For the last brand on this list, we have Sunday Golf, a brand that is aimed at the amateur golfer who just needs a bag that will work for weekends with friends at the golf course.

Sunday Golf only features three different styles of bag, the Sunday Golf Loma, Loma XL, and El Camino.

The Sunday Golf Loma is a lightweight carry bag that is designed for the minimalist golfer who needs just a few clubs. This bag also features an insulated cooler pocket for the days when you want to carry drinks with you.

The Loma XL has the same general design as the Loma, just larger with more storage pockets. It also has an extra padded shoulder strap to make the bag more comfortable to carry during long days on the golf course. Just like the Loma, this bag also has insulated pockets.

El Camino is Sunday Golf’s cart bag. This bag is designed for the golfer that loves to ride around in a golf cart but also needs the bag to have a strap system in case they decide to walk. Although this bag does not feature full-length dividers, it has top dividers that help to keep the clubs separated and damage-free.

Unlike most cart bags, El Camino features a double strap system. This makes it more comfortable to carry over long periods of time which is typically a feature left to carry bags.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a golf bag, it is important to purchase a bag from a reputable brand. Purchasing from a reputable brand will ensure that the stand bag you purchase is a high quality golf bag and won’t break down after one weekend on the course with your friends.

Each of these brands has its merits and different goals when it comes to its brand. Some of the brands on this list, such as Vessel, are trying to create the ultimate luxury experience whereas others, like Shapland, are trying to bring things back to basics with their classic stand bag design.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to make sure that no matter which brand you purchase from, you pick a model that meets all of your needs. You’ll also want to read different golf bag reviews to figure out exactly how the bag performs on the field.

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